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City of Anacortes Application for a A ti <br /> k vy ; ENCROACHMENT TEMPORARY INTO 4 ® , <br /> PUB, IC RIGHT OF WAY OR PUBLIC EASEMENT �:.. <br /> 'I' AUG 23 2018 <br /> t% � _I <br /> tt <br /> Stre Addi'e s.''' �1f of eitEncroachment .0 4( f. •�. �� st i ,..)treti <br /> �i� s�`� �d'sl'l� Al� �.��• �� of. � �" ' l <br /> Name of Property Owner(s) as they appear on the property deed.A copy of the Property Deed <br /> must be submitted with application. (Please print) A cic.Der-k,S 1-a.ot.ii C.Jeliv ir <br /> Applicant(s)Name&VtA.V1L�il�.P.1 rwnnlme.. lti-T/i Phone 3LQ C S ! <br /> E-mail address .fie d3i e 0-5l`i Mbero crn< yfitLi16Vi h e.D w' <br /> (Please Print) ) <br /> Mailing Address: PO BD .3!Ct `h-a.c-05t-tS LU Pr- 9.,v' <br /> Legal description of property, be specific and attach property deed with complete description. <br /> Include Parcel Number. ` <br /> Lb;- I S, Bh is Le i) P L b i-lre,6'15 6.v/5 Ad .Q+i by? - <br /> CO;V v (- AlAcLC..-oV 4-es Ac.C,b1r hC Co `14 c,1 +"1-eved4 <br /> Y.-ecov8ed Vo 1 u hn e . b C 'Pict_a ) pc cJ C. vec arc!S o <br /> SI<c ot-. 0 Dox.4 i WQSlitcv 0-6 <br /> Please give a detailed description of the proposed encroachment. Include the <br /> dimensions of the encroachment off of your property line and into the City right of way. <br /> Use additional sheet if necessary. Ip <br /> fro po se- -rf o ou l OJLC Cn. aaplax. <br /> 81,511 cit rt Dv -trhe_. Nt41A W s\- t7li1(te)( O- +-kc_ Cam-\1 s,1 <br /> Ocol ct Lerdt-- 41) ! C7c)b Q-14h &c t)if" C irvv AvoLc ovtiS <br /> -kr eus In G1uUt/L,eS v . oc_cuIrkTIA 5 Kotu n <br /> d1CGs 4.t1 i ri C 4 <br /> Revised 6/26/2018 <br />