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4. The City shall, upon completion of construction of said project described above, remove <br /> all debris and restore the surface of the property as nearly as possible to the condition immediately <br /> prior to the City's entry thereon excepting the modifications or improvements made as part of the <br /> Guemes Channel Trail project. <br /> 5. The City may record this agreement at its own expense. <br /> 6. The Owner shall, within thirty(30) days of the Effective Date as established by paragraph <br /> 8 below,remove from the easement area any and all personal property,vehicles, equipment,debris <br /> and/or refuse and shall keep the easement area free therefrom throughout the duration of this <br /> agreement. <br /> 7. This agreement shall be construed and enforced pursuant to Washington law. Venue for <br /> any suit is Skagit County Superior Court. The prevailing party in any suit shall be entitled to an <br /> award its costs and attorney fees incurred at trial or on appeal. <br /> 8. This agreement shall take effect upon execution by the parties and approval by the <br /> Anacortes City Council, whichever comes last(the"Effective Date"). <br /> [Balance of page intentionally blank, signatures on following pages] <br /> Temporary Construction Agreement PAGE 2 OF 3 <br /> GRANTOR/OWNER: Lovric Landing,LLC <br /> GRANTEE: City of Anacortes <br />