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However, being as all work is to occur waterward of the OHWM,the provisions for flood <br /> hazards would not apply. <br /> SMP A-5: Fish &Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas <br /> Based on the City mapping system, the project location within herring spawning area <br /> and seal & sea lion haul-out area as well as near Dungeness crab habitat and a smelt <br /> spawning area. <br /> With application,a biological evaluation report, prepared by Skillings, Inc on January 28, <br /> 2020, was provided. The report concluded that the proposed work would not result in <br /> long term impacts;the impacts would be temporary and short term. <br /> SHORELINE INFORMATION <br /> The project location is identified as Urban Maritime shoreline environment <br /> Shoreline designation with all work occurring within the Aquatic shoreline environment <br /> Environment <br /> designation. <br /> Water Body Fidalgo Bay <br /> VICINITY MAP <br /> ♦ t •• t,' "r is 1 4 <br /> �• J-`.1. l; <br /> • <br /> P1t 11,4 ., <br /> .3;1411FS:hi <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT <br /> 1. The applicant has requested a Shoreline Exemption permit with SEPA Review for the repair of batter <br /> support piles for an existing protective breakwater, associated with the Fidalgo Marina per WAC 173-27- <br /> 040(2)(b). <br /> 1.1. During a survey of the existing facility, severe damage was reported for approximately 22 batter piles, <br /> 11 at each the North and East Breakwater sections;this application is for the repair of the 11 batter <br /> piles on the North Breakwater only. <br /> 1.2. Piling repairs would include inserting a temporary form sleeve within each batter pile (CarboSleeve or <br /> CarboShield)then filling with grout to provide reinforcement and strengthen the perforated portions <br /> of the piles. Prior to the placement of the form, the internal walls of the piles are to be cleaned of <br /> SLX-2022-0001 — Fidalgo Marina Breakwater Repair Page 2 of 4 <br />