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12 YO <br /> - .�-- Public Works <br /> "too16 Engineering and Development Services <br /> Memo <br /> Date:June 27, 2003 <br /> To: Fakkema and Kingma, Inc. <br /> From: Steven Lange <br /> Subject: Les Schwab Truck Tire Center Review Summary 1 <br /> cc: Gary Barnett, Bob Hyde, Don Measamer <br /> The follow review has been completed on November 7, 2002 based on the <br /> information provided to date. <br /> 1. June 2, 2003: First submittal. <br /> 2. June 2, 2003: Storm Drainage Report <br /> Provide is a summary of the review of Les Schwab Truck Tire Center. Not all <br /> notes are presented. Please refer to the plans for additional notes and <br /> comments. <br /> SHEET: C-1 <br /> 1. Update all notes to reflect the notes on Portalis. Include the contact <br /> names, etc. <br /> 2. Update the Engineer approval stamp. <br /> SHEET: C-2 <br /> 1. Show abandoned 2" and 1" waterlines along 23rd Street. <br /> 2. Our records show a different invert on Sanitary Sewer Manhole G-17. <br /> Verify invert. <br /> 3. Our records show the Sanitary Sewer as being a 6-inch. I have a request <br /> for a video of that line. It will verify the sewer stub locations on this line as <br /> well as type and size. I will get that information to you as soon as I get it. <br /> 4. Need to cap existing sewer line if not going to reuse same stub. <br /> 5. Update the Engineer approval stamp. <br /> R.\octive orojectS\Developmeer is Les Schv v b Tire C%e^ter'.LeS Schwan Revlev,SuI!Y.r;':< <br />