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March 9, 2004 <br /> RDA and Associates <br /> P.O. Box 2611 <br /> Oak Harbor, WA 98277 <br /> RE: Les Schwab Alley Paving <br /> Dear Rick, <br /> I just received your e-mail dated March 5, 2004. We have already discussed the <br /> approval regarding the grades. As far as the crushed rock surfacing top course, as <br /> discussed, you will use what you need to use in order to make the grades ready for <br /> asphalt. If it takes 1-inch in some areas and 2-inches in other, that is fine. There is no <br /> need to dig into the subgrade to meet the finished grade for asphalt. <br /> That is great the Lakeside will delete the $900 remobilization fee if paving another City <br /> job. It should be any job within the City. We can't guarantee that Lakeside will be the <br /> subcontractor or contractor on any of our projects this year. The City is not open to <br /> taking over the paving from Les Schwab. It is part of the conditions for the Certificate of <br /> Occupancy per the approved plans that were submitted for construction. Understanding <br /> that we, the City, have met our obligations to the agreement, Les Schwab needs to <br /> honor the agreement and complete the paving. I am not sure how many more times we <br /> need to go back and forth on the topic. There is a lot of time and money being wasted <br /> over this topic of paving of the alley. Not only is it costing your client, but also the tax <br /> payers as well. <br /> There are a few other issues that need to be taken care of before the Certificate of <br /> Occupancy can be issued. We did not discuss this in our last meeting. <br /> 1. Pave the alley. If you choose not to pave the alley before issuance of the <br /> Certificate of Occupancy, that portion can be bonded or by cash set aside at the <br /> City of Anacortes Finance Department. The amount will be the cost of <br /> construction x 150%. <br /> 2. Pay the Engineering review and Inspection fee. 2% + $500 of the estimated <br /> construction cost. <br /> 3. 2-year maintenance bond that is 10% of the construction cost. <br />