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accept this offer. The proposal by RDA and Associates was to postpone the paving of <br /> the alley in order for the alley to heal itself. The City does not feel responsible for any <br /> delays in the paving of the alley. We feel we met your schedule and we were willing to <br /> accept the alley and relieve Les Schwab from the responsibility after paving was <br /> completed. <br /> There seems to be some disagreement to paragraph No. 4. There was more than just <br /> the City doing work in the alley. Outside of the sewer project and alley project by the <br /> City, there was: <br /> 1. Island Construction using the alley for access and dumping material, <br /> 2. The phone company subcontractor that was scheduled by RDA and Associates <br /> to get service to the Les Schwab building. <br /> 3. The Gas Company that was scheduled by RDA and Associates to renew and <br /> extend services to the Les Schwab buildings. <br /> 4. The air hose crossing in the alley by Island Construction. <br /> 5. The 4-inch PVC gutter drain that was dumping water and saturating the sub <br /> grade and utility trenches. <br /> The letter does not mentioned all the other construction crews working in the area that <br /> impacted the alley as well. <br /> Regarding the damaged wall and the $514.00 claim, I have enclosed a copy of the City <br /> of Anacortes claim form. Please fill the form out in detail and provide pictures. You can <br /> turn this into Carol Yates in the Legal Department at City Hall. Carol will submit claims to <br /> the City of Anacortes Insurance Company. <br /> As far as I can see, the City of Anacortes has honored their word. We have delivered a <br /> sub grade that was originally in the Les Schwab contract. I went to bat for Les Schwab <br /> during the discussion of the miscommunication on the City's part. We have honored the <br /> agreement that was sent to you by e-mail dated December 4, 2004. I am not sure what <br /> else RDA and Associates wants from the City. <br /> You expressed the additional costs that your client has incurred because of the issues <br /> brought forward by you. The taxpayers are incurring additional cost by the on-going <br /> debate regarding this alley paving project. <br /> Please discuss this letter with your client at your earliest convenience. I would be happy <br /> to meet with you and your client to discuss these matters. Contact my office to schedule <br /> a meeting with Maureen at 360.293.1920. <br /> There are a few other issues that need to be taken care of before the Certificate of <br /> Occupancy is issued. <br /> 1. Pave the alley. If you choose not to pave the alley before issuance of the <br /> Certificate of Occupancy, that portion can be bonded or by cash set aside at the <br />