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February 24, 2004 <br /> RDA and Associates <br /> P.O. Box 2611 <br /> Oak Harbor, WA 98277 <br /> RE: Les Schwab Alley Paving <br /> Dear Rick, <br /> I am confused about the letter that you sent dated February 17, 2004. It is completely <br /> different than what was agreed upon between you and I at the on-site meeting on <br /> February 2, 2004. It was agreed that I would get you a letter describing the City's <br /> direction on grade changes and the alley cut at the east end of the project. I apologize <br /> that you did not get this letter the next day as requested since you were leaving town for <br /> a few days. It was agreed that once you got that document, you would schedule the <br /> paving. <br /> I am going to go through you letter and touch on the issues that you have brought <br /> forward. You mentioned specifically item No. 6. The intent of No. 6 was to identify soft <br /> spots that needed to be removed and replaced. To make the alley ready for Les Schwab <br /> to install the Crushed Surfacing Top Course and the Asphalt. During our site walk of the <br /> alley, you and I did not find any soft areas that were mentioned. If you have identified <br /> any soft spots, please contact Rick and Mac at 360.293.1921, per item No. 6 so they <br /> may schedule the work. We also discussed the grade changes as explained in the <br /> February 17, 2004 e-mail to you. <br /> As stated in your letter" as soon as the City has prepared both the top surface and <br /> the bottom surface to the design cross sections and elevations." The agreement was for <br /> the City to excavate and import material for the Ballast sub grade. This would be the <br /> bottom surface. As stated in paragraph 2 of this letter, we are willing to fix any soft spots <br /> that remain. The top surface would be the Crushed Surfacing Top Course. RDA and <br /> Associates agreed that Les Schwab would be responsible for 3-inches of Crushed and <br /> 2-inches of Asphalt. <br /> The proposal by RDA and Associates for the City to take on the paving of the alley does <br /> not interest us. In the past, the City offered a soft sub grade release. This offer was <br /> given to Lakeside Industries and RDA and Associates in order to pave the alley at the <br /> same time the parking lot was being paved. As stated in my e-mail to you on February <br /> 17, 2004, we worked very diligently to meet the paving schedule that was set by Les <br /> Schwab. Ultimately, scheduled by RDA and Associates. RDA and Associates did not <br />