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z "' CITY OF ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS <br /> ;r 1 ° ,, <br /> zf f P.O. BOX 547, ANACORTES,WA 98221 <br /> # (360) 299-1980/Fax (360) 293-1938 <br /> 1,9 c) ' <br /> `Lk� "G r`t' <br /> 9e0:3R Jeffrey M. Miller, P.E., Assistant City Engineer <br /> E-Mail: <br /> Date: January 7, 2022 <br /> To: Gary Barnett, Assistant City Engineer <br /> From: Jeff Miller, Assistant City Engineer <br /> Subj: SEWERLINE REPLACEMENT, ALLEY NORTH OF 24TH BETWEEN Q AND 0 <br /> The scope of this project is to replace the existing sewer line that lies in the alley north of <br /> 24th between Q and 0 Avenue. In addition, the project will replace and relocate a <br /> manhole that lies west of commercial in the sidewalk and will install a manhole at the <br /> existing clean out on the east end. A HDPE pipe was pulled under Commercial and tied <br /> in on both sides of the street. Upon contract completion the contractor was required to <br /> return the site to original conditions and place 6" of crushed surfacing the width of the <br /> alley if directed by the project engineer. <br /> Several contract change orders were made on the project. Upon excavation, the <br /> manhole on the west end of the alley by 0 Avenue was found to be substandard and <br /> was replaced. A clay stub out at 2308 Commercial (The Market) was cracked and <br /> replaced. The depth of the line was deeper then anticipated so additional materials were <br /> authorized. As Les Schwab will develop the alley in the future for alley access, the <br /> crushed surfacing was not placed. The alley behind Les Schwab was instead rolled and <br /> graded back to existing conditions. The detail for the alley pavement shows that <br /> material will be removed from the alley, therefore the crushed surfacing would have to <br /> be removed as well and therefore is not needed. The intent of this crushed surfacing <br /> was not to provide a base adequate for paving but was for restoration to the site. <br /> Let me know if you have any questions, <br /> Sincerely, <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> Jeff Miller, P.E. <br /> Assistant City Engineer <br /> Cc Steve Lange <br /> Page 1 1/7/2022 <br /> R:\Proc-CFP-Dev-Lange\Corr\PW-03-065-DEV Les Schwab\Les Schwab Sewer.doc <br />