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CITY OF ANACORTES (DRAFT) <br /> PRECONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE <br /> INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS <br /> Les Schwab Truck Tire Center <br /> 08-11-03 <br /> 1. INTRODUCTION OF MEETING ATTENTANTS: <br /> 2. SCOPE OF PROJECT: Why are we here? Owner\Developer to explain <br /> 3. CITY COMMUNICATION: <br /> A. Steve Lange, Project Manager: 360.293.1920 (360.661.3468 Cell) <br /> B. Gary Barnett, Assistant City Engineer: 360.293.1920 <br /> The goal is to keep communication open at all times. Any questions or concerns <br /> should be directed to Steve. If someone shows up on-site and shows implied <br /> authority tell them to talk to Steve. If I am not available follow the chain of <br /> communication. We are the main points of City communication. If I am on vacation, I <br /> will appoint a representative and inform the Developer. <br /> 4. PERMITS, LICENSES AND FEES: <br /> A. Status of Permits (Right of Way, NPDES, Clear, Fill and Grade). Provide receipt. <br /> B. City of Anacortes Business License required of all contractors. Provide receipt. <br /> C. Status of fees (Engineering and Development Services Fees). Provide receipt. <br /> 5. WORK HOURS: <br /> A. City of Anacortes Ordinance allows work from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M, seven <br /> days a week (COA Ord. #2316). Someone in charge to on site at all times when <br /> work is in progress. If work is done on weekends, please inform the Project <br /> Manager so the City of Anacortes can have an Inspector on site. Contractor will <br /> be billed for City of Anacortes Overtime. <br /> 6. WEEKLY MEETINGS: Need to schedule. <br /> 7. CALL 48-HOURS BEFORE THE E FOLLOWING: For Inspection contact <br /> 360.293.1920. <br /> A. Prior to work start-up <br /> B. Prior to any utility construction in the right of way. <br /> C. Prior to pouring cast-in-place concrete structures. <br /> D. Prior to placing any crushed rock on roadway sub grade. <br /> E. Prior to placing curb, gutters and sidewalks. <br /> F. Prior to asphalt paving. <br /> 1 <br />