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RDA- <br /> DEC 12 2003 <br /> R.D.A. AND ASSOCIATES, INC. <br /> CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND GENERAL CONTRACTOR <br /> (360) 675-2438 FAX (360) 675-1730 <br /> December 10, 2003 <br /> Mr. Gary Barnett,PE <br /> Public Works/Engineering Development <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br /> RE: Les Schwab—Alley Improvements <br /> Dear Gary, <br /> We received your email memo dated December 4,2003 regarding the "Deferred Paving <br /> of the Alley." We appreciate the City's continued cooperation and trust that the deferred <br /> paving will not delay the issuance of a Certificate for Occupancy. <br /> While we concur with most of the contents of your memo there are some items that <br /> require further clarification as to our agreement with the City. Our comments are as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. Our construction activities did not create or contribute to the existing <br /> condition of the alley which has prevented its paving. <br /> 2. Our contractor installed a temporary drain to the existing down spouts to <br /> divert the (sheet flow) roof drains from spreading onto the alley. The City's <br /> crews accidentally disconnected this drain with their equipment while <br /> working in the alley and did not reconnect it. Our contractor's crews <br /> reconnected the drains. <br /> 3. Positive drainage to both catch basins will not be provided by Les Schwab <br /> crews as that would require substantial regarding of the alley. We have paved <br /> our site in such a way as to allow our site to flow to catch basin#4. We will <br /> punch a temporary hole in the risers of catch basin#3 &#4 and allow the <br /> alley surface water to drain to the extend that the existing alley contours will <br /> allow. <br /> P.O. Box 2611 • 795 Midway Blvd., Suite 300 • Oak Harbor, WA 98277 • RDAASI*077DR <br />