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11. The fire sprinkler detector double check shall be provided with a digital remote <br /> read meter(cubic feet). <br /> 12. Provide a double check valve backflow device for the potable water supply to the <br /> building per Water Department. <br /> Public Works <br /> 1. Need AR seal at old and new joints of asphalt on 23'Street. Also at crossings. <br /> 2. Clean up area around PIV at pond. <br /> 3. Clean storm line on Q Avenue from alley to 23'Street. <br /> 4. Clean all catch basins. <br /> 5. Clean ditches along Q Avenue and 23'Street. <br /> 6. Provide screw cap on sewer clean out. <br /> 7. Alley to be completed per approved drawings to include crushed rock and paving per <br /> Public Works Department approval. <br /> It seems that most items can be completed within the next few days,however the alley <br /> completion is a concern. <br /> It appears a bond will be necessary for completion of the alley.The bond will need to be <br /> 150% of the estimate for completion of the alley. <br /> Fire Department comments were unavailable. <br /> If you have any questions or concerns,please feel free to contact me at 293-1901. <br /> Thank You, <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> Don Measamer <br /> Senior Plans Examiner <br /> DM:md <br /> Cc. Speed Garrett <br /> Gary Barnett <br /> Steve Lange <br />