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<br />September 10, 2003 <br />RDA and Associates, Inc. <br />Rick Almberg <br />P.O. Box 2611 <br />Oak Harbor, WA 98277 <br />Dear Rick, <br />RE: Les Schwab Truck Tire Center – On Site Runoff Treatment Design <br />The City of Anacortes has received your submittal for the on site runoff treatment design. A few items <br />need to be addressed. <br />1. The request dated September 4, 2003 to use clay material as a liner in the pond is approved. <br />2. After reviewing sheet C-4 with revisions dated August 27, 2003, the Pond is required to have a <br />10-foot setback from the property lines, per the Landscape Ordinance. Currently, the design is 4- <br />feet. A variance can be requested to do what is proposed. Otherwise, the Pond will need to be <br />redesigned to meet the water quality and size within the space provided. <br />3. There needs to be a Landscape Plan per the Landscape Ordinance. <br />4. The Building Department is requesting the Engineers recommendations for the Building footings <br />in relationship to the Pond. Also, provide specifications for the Pond berm compaction. <br />In order to get the project moving forward as requested, I suggest the use of a Temporary Sedimentation <br />Pond on site. This would allow time for a properly designed Pond for this site and the project can <br />continue forward. <br />If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 360.293.1920, extension 246 or my cell <br />number at 360.661.3468. If I am unavailable, Gary Barnett will continue to be the second contact person <br />for this project. <br /> <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br />Steven R. Lange <br />Project Manager <br /> <br />CC: Gary Barnett, Don Measamer, Speed Garrett <br />