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4. Final design for proposed work within the encroachment area shall be approved by the <br /> City of Anacortes City Engineer and Director of Parks and Recreation. <br /> 5. The County agrees to indemnify and hold the City harmless from any claims for damages <br /> resulting from the construction, maintenance or existence of those improvements <br /> encroaching into said right-of-way. Construction of said biofiltration swale and pathway <br /> within the right-of-way shall be completed by Skagit County Public Works Department. <br /> All work shall comply with applicable standards and be approved by the City of <br /> Anacortes Public Works Department. <br /> 6. No grading or re-contouring shall result in an increase in surface water drainage to <br /> neighboring property. <br /> Dated this day of , 2000. <br /> OWNER: By: <br /> OWNER: By: <br /> APPROVED BY: <br /> H. Dean Maxwell, Mayor <br />