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AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of this ; day of 2000, <br /> by and between the CITY OF ANACORTES, hereinafter referred to a the "Oily", and <br /> FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY, hereinafter referred to as "Friends". <br /> The City Library, from time to time, has materials, which it needs to dispose of as <br /> surplus. The majority of these materials are obsolete, and have little marketable value, <br /> and <br /> Whereas the Friends of the Library is a Washington non-profit corporation dedicated to <br /> the enhancement of the Anacortes Public Library. The Friends are willing to accept the <br /> City's surplus library materials, subject to the limitations of this agreement and <br /> applicable law. The intent of the Friends in accepting these surplus materials is to sell <br /> such materials as may be sold, and utilize the proceeds of such sale to enrich the <br /> Anacortes Public Library's collection. <br /> Now, Therefore, <br /> 1. This Agreement shall be subject to and performed in accordance with Chapter 39.33 <br /> RCW <br /> 2. The City shall provide to Friends surplus materials from time-to-time, as the parties <br /> shall mutually agree. Friends shall utilize its best efforts to liquidate the surplus <br /> materials, through a public sale. Friends shall coordinate the sale with the City. The <br /> City may, but is not required to, assist Friends in holding the sale by providing <br /> advance advertising, a sales venue, and personnel during the sale. <br /> 3. Friends shall utilize professional practices in accounting for funds received during the <br /> sale. All proceeds shall be utilized to acquire library materials as selected by the <br /> Library Director. Such materials shall be acquired promptly, and after order, shall be <br /> delivered directly to the Library. <br /> 4. As applicable, Friends shall pay all sales taxes assessed on the surplus materials sold. <br /> 5. Friends Administration and Management. <br /> a. The Library Direcotor for the CITY shall have primary responsibility for <br /> administering and approving services to be performed by FRIENDS, and shall <br /> coordinate all communications between FRIENDS and the CITY. <br /> b. Any and all notices affecting or relative to this Agreement shall be effective if in <br /> writing and delivered or mailed, postage prepaid, to the respective party being <br /> notified at the address listed with the signature of this Agreement. <br />