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JUL 3 12018 <br />ALLEY <br />IV <br />REMOVE GARAGE <br />EXISTING HOUSE <br />TO BE RAISED AND <br />NEW FOUNDATION <br />TO BE INSTALLED UNDER <br />REWORK EXISTING WALL5 <br />FIRE woRANT @ <br />15th t'K' Ave. <br />GRAVEL <br />DRIVEWAY <br />5E <br />5' <br />II <br />II <br />I I <br />I <br />la ;I <br />4' <br />REMOVE PORCH <br />11 <br />CI Y WATER 10 <br />588d0722" E <br />45.00' <br />15TH STREET <br />I <br />I <br />45.00' <br />5d07'22" E <br />EX15T1 NG 51TE PLAN <br />PERCENT OF LOT TO BE <br />COVERED <br />HOUSE 4 PORCH 739.25 SO. FT. <br />GARAGE 204 5Q. FT, <br />TOTAL AREA <br />943.25 5Q. FT. <br />LOT AREA <br />4494.1 5Q. FT. <br />EXISTING IMPERVIOUS <br />AREA <br />HOUSE d GARAGE <br />1 191 50. FT. <br />SIDEWALKS <br />354 5Q. FT. <br />GRAVEL DRIVEWAY <br />190 5Q, FT. <br />TOTAL <br />1735 5Q. FT. <br />PERCENT OF IMPERVIOUS <br />38.G% <br />4 POWER POLE <br />WOODEN FENCE <br />NOTES: <br />I . SEWER 15 CONNECTED TO EXISTING 5EWER HUB. <br />2. WATER 15 CONNECT TO EXISTING METER. <br />3. STORM WATER FROM GUTTER AND FOOTING DRAINS WILL <br />GRAVITY FLOW TO GRASSY AREA <br />4. DURING CONSTRUCTION, THE RUN OFF WILL BE CONTROLLED WITH <br />SILT FENCES AND SHALLOW 5WALE5 TO PROTECT THE <br />ADJACENT PROPERTY. <br />5. THE STREET STORM WATER CATCH BASIN WILL HAVE A STORM DRAIN INLET <br />PROTECTOR INSTALLED PER W5DOT DETAIL 1-40.20-00 <br />G. STREET AND DITCHES WILL BE CLEANED DAILY OF EP1510N RUN-OFF IF ANY, <br />7. BEFORE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS, A SITE WALK WILL TAKE <br />PLACE TO IDENTIFY THE CONDITION OF THE STREET, CURB E GUTTER. <br />ALL BROKEN AREA5 WILL BE REPLACED TO THE CITY5 APPROVAL <br />PRIOR TO THE ISSUANCE OF THE CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY. <br />8. ADD 5 NEW TREE5 . <br />FIRE HYDRANT @ <br />Sth t'K' Ave. <br />-� ALLEY <br />GRAVEL CONSTRUCTION ROAD W/ <br />4- - 5' QUARRY 5PALL5 <br />PER W5DOT DETAIL 1-80. 10"02 <br />Q GRAVEL <br />DRIVEWAY <br />9AWT� qRy 5EWER <br />f3d07��22" If <br />1 <br />ALL DIRT TO BE <br />REMOVED FROM 20 <br />pPROPERr' <br />W/ G MIL BLACK VI5OUEEN <br />I <br />,I <br />5ET BACK <br />[ <br />I O' <br />T <br />I <br />I <br />Ise <br />I <br />� <br />0 <br />I <br />IT) <br />GRA55 <br />I <br />� <br />M� <br />ro <br />' <br />m <br />SLOPE .5 % <br />---U-) <br />fUf1Ul\l' <br />� <br />U <br />Im <br />E <br />� <br />d <br />GRA55 <br />", A <br />Io <br />largo <br />e <br />lead JE=====_-_ <br />SILT FENCE <br />LL <br />s <br />)OT DETAIL <br />� � <br />5-02 <br />"' <br />H <br />- <br />m <br />GRA55 <br />I� <br />il�Ayl1 <br />I <br />� <br />T <br />I <br />GRA55 <br />5 <br />5' <br />n <br />i <br />20' <br />ALL EXP05ED BOIL5 TO BE <br />5TKAWED WITH -IN 24 HOUR5 <br />WOODEN FENCE <br />DRAWING INDEX: <br />FILE Copy <br />CI OF ANACORT <br />PLANNIIJG & BUiL# Ui Xl <br />A DPROVED PLAN` <br />PERMIT d: Q GY00-©11 <br />ADDRESS: l7� lSlq 0 <br />APPROVED ny. / <br />SUBJECT TO FIELD INSPECTION. APPROVED <br />SHALL Ilf BE ALT RED WITHOUT AUTHOR <br />I . EXISTING NEW SITE PLANS <br />2. EXISTING NEW NORTH * SOUTH ELEVATIONS <br />3. EXISTING NEW EAST * WEST ELEVATIONS <br />4. EXI5T1 NG NEW MAIN FLOOR PLANS <br />5. UPPER FLOOR PLAN <br />G. EXISTING * NEW FOUNDATION PLANS <br />7. UPPER FLOOR FRAMING PLAN <br />8. MAIN * UPPER FLOOR ROOF PLANS <br />9. SECTIONAL DETAILS <br />S1. FOUNDATION PLAN & DETAILS <br />S2. UPPER FLOOR & LOWER ROOF FRAMING PLAN <br />S3. ROOF FRAMING PLAN <br />S4. SHEAR WALL PLANS, DETAILS, & TABLE <br />S5. STANDARD STRUCTURAL SPECIFICATIONS <br />I ELOPE �5 % <br />10' ® 0 - TREE TREE WSEC Options la and 5b, 1.5 credits required 1500 sq ft or smaller addition. <br />® ® 5CHUB GRA55 <br />Option Description <br />la EFFICIENT BUILDING ENVELOPE la: <br />J 588d0T22" E 45,00' Prescriptive compliance is based on Table R402.1.1 with the following <br />Imodifications: Vertical fenestration U = 0.28 Floor R-38 Slab on grade R-10 <br />wo perimeter and under entire slab Below grade slab R-10 perimeter and under entire <br />scnuB slab or Compliance based on Section R402.1.4: Reduce the Total UA by 5%. <br />N <br />5b EFFICIENT WATER HEATING 5b: Water heating system shall include one of the <br />3 following: Gas, propane or oil water heater with a minimum EF of 0.74 or Water <br />Z heater heated by ground source heat pump meeting the requirements of Option <br />3c. or For R-2 occupancy, a central heat pump water heater with an EF greater than <br />2.0 that would supply DHW to all the units through a central water loop insulated <br />EXISTING 51DEWALK with R-8 minimum pipe insulation. To qualify to claim this credit, the building <br />permit drawings shall specify the option being selected and shall specify the water <br />CITY WATER 0 4POWER POLE heater equipment type and the minimum equipment efficiency. <br />1 5TH 5TREET <br />NEW 51TE PLAN <br />PERCENT OF LOT TO BE <br />COVERED <br />HOUSE, GAKAGE,t DECK 1 625 5Q. FT <br />LOT AREA 4494.1 5Q. FT. <br />PERCENT OF COVERAGE 40.G% <br />NEW IMPERVIOU5 AREA <br />HOUSE, GARAGE,* DECK 1825 SO. FT, <br />SIDEWALKS 154 5Q. FT. <br />GRAVEL DRIVEWAY 325 5Q. FT. <br />TOTAL 2304 5Q. FT. <br />PERCENT OF IMPERVIOUS 5 1 .3% <br />R3 ZONING <br />STICK FRAME <br />WOOD FRAME BUILDING <br />BUILDER TO VERIFY ALL DIMENSIONS <br />BUILDING * PLUMBING TO COMFORMS TO <br />IRC 2015 BUILDING CODES <br />FOR FAMILY DWELLINGS <br />=Of <br />I I " x 1 7" PAPER SIZE --- SCALE 15 1 " = 20' (COPY @ 100%Q) <br />2211 x 34" PAPER SIZE --- SCALE IS 1 " = 1 0' (COPY @ 200%) <br />EX15TING * NEW 51TE PLAN <br />CRAIG STAGG ADDITION <br />ADDRE55: 140G 1 5th STREET <br />PARCEL: P 5575G <br />XreflD: 3772-1 1 8-007-0003 <br />DRAWN BY: BRUCE RUSTAD DATE: 08/05/ 18 <br />Credit <br />0.5 <br />1.0 <br />