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12L <br />City of Anacortes <br />904 6th Street <br />P.O.Box 547 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />(360) 293-1901 <br />Invoice/Permit #: <br />Applied date: <br />Issue date: <br />Expire date: <br />BLD-2018-0483 <br />08/01 /2018 <br />08/31 /2018 <br />02/27/2020 <br />Job Address: 1406 15TH ST Permit Type: Single Family Alteration/Repair Permit <br />ANACORTES WA 98221-2215 Project: <br />APN: P55756 <br />Remarks: Extending back wall towards alley with attached garage, addition to East (kitchen), and addition of second floor <br />Owner: CRAIG STAGG Contractor: <br />Address: 1406 15TH ST Address: <br />ANACORTES WA 98221-2215 <br />Phone: (208) 201-2414 Phone: <br />License #: <br />General Information: Fees: <br />Deck Square Footage 128 Building Permit Fee 11895,35 <br />Building Valuation 260350 Plan Review Fee 17231,98 <br />Occupancy Group it-1 State Building Code Fee Resi 6,50 <br />Lot Area 4494 Mechanical Permit Fees 80,80 <br />Construction Type v-b Plumbing Permit Fee 146.00 <br />Zoning Code R3 Total Calculated: 37360,63 <br />Stories 2 Deposits/Receipts: 0,00 <br />Garage Square Footage 528 <br />2nd Floor Square Footage 952 Total Due: 3,360,63 <br />1st Floor Square Footage 490 <br /># BOILERS < 100000 BTU 1 <br /># of Bathtubs 1 <br /># of Clothes Dryers 2 <br /># of Clothes Washers 2 <br /># of Dishwashers 2 <br /># of Gas Fireplace 1 <br /># of Gas Water Heaters 1 Cl ro 0 <br /># of Hose Bibbs 3 r 4 u ri r- r<, <br />'n �xa T ►, t+a T <br /># of Backflow Devices 2 = I '_' Gi <br /># of Kitchen Sinks 2 Al ,�,n i e+ rr w I r o <br /># of Lavatories 3 �. y.. I ,_) <br />0 , c+ M t%) <br /># of Water Closets 2 � r n M ,- 0 , <br /># of Water Heaters 1 ;# A IT, , <br />#_of Gas Outlets 1 4 ce :: 'Tnlizi <br />=FL ,t, y <br />THIS PERMIT BECOMES NULL AND VOID IF WORK OR CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZED IS NOT COMMENCED WITJ-,IIN 180 DqS, OR] IF <br />CONSTRUCTION OR WORK IS SUSPENDED OR ABANDONED FOR A PERIOD OF 180 DAYS AT ANY TIME AFTER WORK IS COMMENCEQA !� <br />HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND EXAMINED THIS APPLICATION AND KNOW THE SAME TO BE TRUE AND CORRECT. ALL PROVISONZ; <br />OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES GOVERNING THIS TYPE OF WORK WILL BE COMPLIED WITH WHETHER SPECIFIED HEREIN ORO NOT, rTFjE <br />GRANTING OF A PERMIT DOES NOT PRESUME TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO VIOLATE OR CANCEL THE PROVISIONS OF ANY OTHER STATE 04 <br />LOCAL LAW REGULAT G O TRUCTION OR THE PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTION. M QJ '-'•' <br />'.'A �_.a 1:4a <br />`., <br />'i L J t• 1 r+ 4 <br />SIGNATURE OF 6wA r7 <br />AUTHORIZED AGENT ISSUED BY i, ' <br />TI <br />M• <br />