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4968 <br />L U) <br />O <br />V O <br />L � <br />t_ C <br />O O <br />z V <br />I <br />Centerline of Plinth <br />on C.L. of foundation wall beyond <br />ZO'- VI <br />Centerline of Plinth <br />on C.L. of foundation wall beyond <br />Footing per Structural Report <br />(TYp•) <br />Property Line <br />Notes: <br />1. For structural notes, foundation details and shear wall and <br />hold-down schedules, see Structural Report. <br />2. For framing and shear wall locations see Structural Report. <br />3. For additional floor plan dimensions see A 1.2 <br />4. For Site and utility information see A 0.1 <br />5. Typical Foundation wall: (see Structural Report) <br />6' stem wall, 16" footing, 18" min. below finished grade. <br />Reinforcement: vert. #4 at 18" o.c., horiz. #4 at 16" o.c. <br />6. Garage Slab on Grade: (see Structural Report) <br />4" concrete with #3 @ 18" o.c. each way <br />2" sand layer <br />Moisture barrier <br />Gravel base course <br />Stable uniformly dense soil base, compact as necessary <br />7. Footings: (see Structural Report) <br />012"x12' or 12"e plinth <br />with (4) #4 vert. rebars <br />and #3 stirrups ® 6" oc. <br />024"x24"x8" pad <br />with #4 ® 6" oc. both ways <br />8. Dimensions are to face or centerline of framing or concrete, <br />unless indicated otherwise. <br />9. Verify all dimensions in the field before beginning construction. <br />Do not scale drawings. Bring all conflicts to the attention of the architect. <br />Scale: 1/4" = 1' - 0" <br />0 4 8 North <br />-SUSAN K.L <br />STATE OF WA; <br />N <br />N <br />N <br />C <br />00 <br />01 <br />>M <br />C <br />+ <br />u7 <br />m <br />Ct <br />> <br />vi <br />O <br />t <br />o <br />f6 <br />C <br />� <br />U <br />s <br />i <br />Q <br />co <br />C <br />v <br />m <br />o <br />02 <br />C <br />N <br />Q <br />\ <br />i <br />_ <br />V) <br />(1) <br />O <br />U <br />ra <br />J <br />O <br />N <br />O <br />° <br />00 <br />o0 <br />s <br />N <br />CDQ <br />o <br />m <br />o, <br />rn <br />V) <br />10 <br />M <br />O <br />Permit Application <br />01 September 2017 <br />Foundation <br />Plan <br />A191 <br />