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S 89.40'02' E 759,30' <br />FOUND HARD NAIL AT 'D' <br />AVENUE <br />HELD AS CENTER OF 10TH <br />STREET <br />4-22-2013 <br />FOUND PK NAIL 6,11'— <br />SOUTH OF HELD CENTER <br />LINE OF 11TH STREET <br />HELD FOR CENTER LINE <br />OF 'F' AVENUE <br />L^ <br />S 89'41'26 E 756,41' <br />7FOUND TACK IN LEAD AT <br />'D' AVENUE <br />HELD AS CENTER OF 11TH <br />STREET <br />4-22-2013 <br />FOUND BRASS TOP CONCRETE <br />%a MONUMENT IN CASE WITH <br />CR COVER HELD AS CENTER OF <br />a 1 'F' AVENUE <br />7-21-2017 <br />S <br />3 <br />0 <br />o — <br />I � — <br />FOUND BRASS TACK IN <br />CONCRETE IN MONUMENT CASE <br />WITH COVER HELD AS CENTER c <br />OF 'G' AVENUE 00 I <br />7-21-2D17 wi <br />FOUND BOAT NAIL <br />EAST AND 0.2' SOU <br />OF CENTER OF <br />INTERSECTION <br />LOTH STREET 7-21-2017 <br />72' E— 379.79' (380' PLAT) — — <br />IF ASPHALT <br />17.9' <br />149.90, <br />89.94' S ,96 T —i— — <br />40' ROW I I I i 29,98, 1 <br />UP 7 6 �r TYP 3 2 1 1 <br />Fio 1 9 1 8 0, W <br />1 1 1 a; r as 5 i 4 <br />1 I �'L°� m 1911 10TH <br />I I 23� 129' I HOUSE I¢ I I 1 <br />n o13�5 W I I I <br />a 12 I io 1 L I I I I I <br />a OS PSI I co, 16,71 CV) I <br />SIION 0 <br />N I I I o I I I I <br />Z� I 1 z I z 1 1 1 <br />> m f P �_89,95' 59,97' P i — i <br />Q cu ° GRAVEL 16' ALLEY P99 ww 149,92, <br />LL-I� z �cmTFM J`AP BLOCK 168 �� I I <br />CDI NMTH <br />oI I 1 <br />z <br />ROS AF #200909090040 I i i ( I I <br />I OS I I I I I <br />I I I I <br />11 —12 13 1 14 1 1516 1 17 I 8 1 19 1 20 <br />I I 1 — <br />3 <br />299.86' — <br />a <br />Of <br />0 <br />S 89'41'26' E_ 379.98' (380' PLAT) <br />11TH STREET <br />GRAPHIC SCALE <br />( IN FEET ) <br />1 inch = 40 ft. <br />40' ROW <br />AUDITORS <br />ERTI <br />CATE <br />RECORD OF SURVEY AT THE REQUEST OF DALE K, HERRIGSTADI <br />IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVIIII <br />$158.00 <br />Skagit County Auditor <br />81812017 Page 1 of 111:53AM <br />LEGAL DESCRIPTION (PARCEL P56071) <br />LOTS 6 AND 7, BLOCK 168, 'MAP OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, SKAGIT <br />COUNTY, WASHINGTON", AS PER PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN VOLUME 2 OF <br />PLATS, PAGES 4 RECORDS OF SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON. <br />NOTES.- <br />1. THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION FOR THIS SURVEY IS A STATUTORY WARRANTY DEED <br />RECORDED UNDER AUDITOR'S FILE #201706210007, RECORDS OF SKAGIT <br />^ <br />COUNTY, WASHINGTON. <br />J <br />2. & FOUND BOATNAIL, PK NAIL OR HARD NAIL AS NOTED. <br />a <br />3. ®FOUND MONUMENT IN CASE WITH COVER. <br />L,J <br />4. ®FOUND TACK IN LEAD AS NOTED. <br />`a <br />5. FOUND RAILROAD SPIKE. <br />c°u <br />v <br />Z <br />6. FOUND REBAR AND CAP 27807. <br />I <br />W <br />7. SET REBAR & RED CAP 27807. <br />> <br />8. EQUIPMENT USED: CARLSON CR2 TOTAL STATION. <br />mc <br />Q <br />9. MONUMENTS TIED ON 7-21-2017 OR AS NOTED, <br />a <br />a <br />10. ERROR OF CLOSURE MEETS WASHINGTON STATE SURVEY STANDARDS. <br />3 <br />11. SURVEY METHOD: STANDARD FIELD TRAVERSE. <br />Z <br />12. BASIS OF BEARINGS: ASSUMED. <br />` <br />P1 <br />13. THIS SURVEY WAS PERFORMED WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF A CURRENT TIRE <br />REPORT. THIS SURVEY DOES NOT PURPORT TO SHOW ALL EASEMENTS <br />M <br />RESTRICTIONS, RESERVATIONS, PROVISIONS, COVENANTS OR CONDITIONS WHICH <br />oI <br />MAY AFFECT THE PARCELS SHOWN HEREON. <br />H <br />14. THIS IS A BOUNDARY SURVEY ONLY. UTILITIES WERE NOT INVESTIGATED. <br />Q1 FOUND RAILROAD SPIKE SET BY ROS AF#201604290168 FOR BLOCK 177 <br />m 1 1.12 NORTH OF CENTER LINE SHOWN IN ROS AF #200909090040, ROS AF <br />#201305230129 AND ROS AF #201504090124 FOR BLOCK 168. HELD <br />PREVIOUS SURVEYS CENTERLINE LOCATION. <br />I <br />,HER I <br />of µ'AS • <br />o jt <br />n � 27807F� ci <br />L6 p avAt LrsA <br />0+ as <br />fU C <br />a. <br />3p <br />0 <br />to <br />o ¢ SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />6 o FOUND HARD NAIL IN <br />12TH STREET HELD AS THIS MAP CORRECTLY REPRESENTS A SURVEY MADE BY ME OR UNDER MY <br />W I CENTER LINE OF 'G' DIRECTION IN CONFORMANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SURVEY <br />a_ AVENUE RECORDING ACT AT THE REQUEST OF SUSAN OLSEN IN J-�ULLY2017. <br />DALE K. HERRIGSTAD, P.L.S.G <br />Certificate No. 27807 <br />Date 0 If <br />SHEET 1 OF 1 <br />I <br />L <br />b <br />O <br />z <br />N <br />N <br />CO <br />0� <br />Permit Application <br />01 September 2017 <br />Survey <br />G 002 <br />