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Olsen Associates I Architecture + Planning <br />September 26, 2017 <br />Mr. Groc Fyrrce1 Building Inspector <br />City of Anacortes Planning and Community Development Department <br />PO Box 547 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />RE: Permit- 1911 1 Oth Street Remodel and Addition <br />z <br />d a1 <br />L <br />a SEP 26 2017 <br />CITY O .� <br />�11�EACOR TES <br />We herewith submit two complete revised plan sets and a revised WSEC Prescriptive Compliance worksheet <br />for your further review. We hope that these revisions to the plans are satisfactory to the City, and that a <br />permit can be issued in short order. Please be advised that the office of Olsen Associates will be closed from <br />October 02 to October 25. During this time, please contact the owners, Steven and Kate Norgaard, with any <br />correspondence relating to this project. Their contact information is as follows: <br />Steven and Kate Norgaard <br />1911 1 Ou' Street, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Tel: 206 683 3365 <br />e-mail: <br />As requested, the following corrections have been made to the Permit Set: <br />Building Department <br />1. Building height at front of house <br />2. Front setback notation <br />3. Height of Deck <br />4. Adoption of WSEC <br />5. U-factor of doors to be 0.30 <br />6. WSEC energy credits taken <br />7. Engineering code compliance with 2015 IBC and IRC <br />8. Deck lateral load connections per 2015 IRC R507.2.4 <br />9. UPC references <br />1 O.a. escape door in bedroom <br />b. combustion air supply <br />c. ventilation fans <br />d. showers <br />Public Works Department <br />1. Driveway width at street <br />2. Frontage improvements not required <br />3. Disconnect storm water from sanitary sewer <br />Planning and Zoning Department <br />1. Lot dimensions per survey <br />2. Side yard setback notations to total 15' <br />3. Eave dimensions <br />Sheet A2.1 <br />Sheet A0.1 � <br />Sheet A2.2, A3.1 detail #5 C� <br />Sheet GO.1 V <br />Sheet GO.1 <br />Sheet G0.1 (*1) L� <br />WCE Report page C, item 6 (*2�/ <br />WCE Report detail B and C (*2)� <br />Sheet GO.1 (/ <br />Sheet GOA Building notes #3, A1.2 <br />Sheet A2.2 W-E SectionC/ <br />� <br />Sheet A1.2 ( <br />Sheet A1.2 (� <br />Sheet A0.1 <br />N/A <br />Sheet A0.1 <br />Sheet A0.1 <br />Sheet A0.1 <br />Sheet A0.1, A1.3 <br />