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Horne BANNER ELECTRIC,... A License Online Business Appl.. �► col <br />Confirmation <br />Your request has been submitted and your confirmation number is 0401 s08413, <br />Below is information from your application <br />Filing Date and Time 6/9/2017 3:22.•25 PM <br />UBI 602453-660 <br />Payment Method Credit Card <br />Amount Due 49.6 <br />Credit Card Processing tree $1.23 <br />Payment Amount $56.23 <br />Please allow up to 10 business days for processing <br />Check the status of your application from the Activity tab. <br />For information on business resources, education and workshops go to htt;r//bis.dorw►a;gov <br />Give us your feedback <br />If you are a Min-ority, Woman, `veteran, or Small Business owner, 90 to OpMWBE website at h <br />Printa le '-M- • 'Q <br />- <br />