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•�J�'�^ ` <br />L ACONS: <br />City of Anacortes <br />904 6th Street <br />P.O.Box 547 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />(360) 293-1901 <br />Job Address: 1220 10TH ST <br />ANACORTES WA98221-1988 <br />APN: <br />P55408 <br />Invoice/Permit #: <br />Applied date: <br />Issue date: <br />Expire date: <br />Permit Type: Mechanical Permit <br />Project: <br />BLD-2018-0146 <br />03/19/2018 <br />03/19/2018 <br />09/15/2019 <br />Remarks: Install ductless split air condition system for new server and fiber rooms <br />Owner: ANACORTES PUBLIC LIBRARY Contractor: BLYTHE PLUMBING & HEATING INC <br />Address: PO BOX 849 Address: 2201 HUMBOLDT ST <br />Phone: <br />ANACORTES WA 98221-0849 BELLINGHAM WA 98225-4120 <br />Phone: (360) 733-7810 <br />License #: <br />General Information: Fees: <br /># of Heat Pumps 1 Mechanical Permit Fees <br />Total Calculated: <br />Deposits/Receipts: <br />Total Due: <br />34.15 <br />34.15 <br />0.00 <br />34.15 <br />2 •i' r- � r t' <br />.. Q.. 7 L' M .-t <br />17, <br />0 t C4 O <br />r G B Q r- Cl =1 <br />CO r Fa -A <br />T =:i ? 2 t7 t <br />.t r n 'Y• <br />iU �7 r 'LI <br />f1 r' Y 4 <br />N =T t_ <br />.. a am I <br />m . <br />r .-+ M <br />rr- <br />THIS PERMIT BECOMES NULL AND VOID IF WORK OR CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZED IS NOT COMMENCED WITHIN 180 DAIS, 'W41F, <br />CONSTRUCTION OR WORK IS SUSPENDED OR ABANDONED FOR A PERIOD OF 180 DAYS AT ANY TIME AFTER WORK IS COMMEtgCtDj; ; ;f=; <br />HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND EXAMINED THIS APPLICATION AND KNOW THE SAME TO BE TRUE AND CORRECT, ALL PR_OV IGN <br />OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES GOVERNING THIS TYPE OF WORK WILL BE COMPLIED WITH WHETHER SPECIFIED HEREIN OR NO �fiiEi <br />GRANTING OF A PERMIT DOES NOT PRESUME TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO VIOLATE OR CANCEL THE PROVISIONS OF A OTHER Y bf ' <br />LOCAL LAW REGULATING ONSTRUCTION OR THE PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTION. <br />4 (' I <br />in1� •,{ �. S <br />I n 1�1 <br />TURE OF OWNER OR AUTH,ORWED AGENT <br />