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RE: Notice of Application <br /> File # CAP-2022-0001 <br /> Dale Perkins <br /> 2406 Vista Lane(P82894 <br /> As long time community members we frequently go for walks behind the above <br /> mentioned property during the spring and summer months. For the past several <br /> years the owners have been clearing the area of trees and debris with an excavator <br /> and chain saws. <br /> Initially,we were told all cut logs and debris would be removed and while this was <br /> the case for the actual trees that were cut down,we were dismayed to see the large <br /> amount of branches and leaves that were piled up and disposed of at the shore of <br /> the pond behind their place. It is unsightly and has become frequented by rodents. <br /> When we spoke with a neighbor who was helping with the clearing of trees,we <br /> were told it would all be cleaned up and removed, but now so much time has passed <br /> it has become part of the landscape,virtually eliminating the safe and lovely pond <br /> shore we enjoyed visiting to observe the birds and other wildlife.We are dismayed <br /> that the cleanup was never completed. <br /> We are concerned the construction of this garage will create more wooden debris <br /> that may end up in the pond.We are not opposed to the building of the garage,but <br /> would like to be assured they will not continue using the pond as a disposal for <br /> small or odd bits of lumber or other"organic" materials. <br /> While the large pile of branches has compressed over time,the shoreline is no <br /> longer visible, creating a safety issue for anyone that wants to walk in that area. We <br /> advise our friends and neighbors avoid it. It would be a tragedy if anyone <br /> accidentally stumbled in and were unable to regain their footing. <br /> Otherwise,the garage will be a welcome addition for these community members <br /> who have had no real outside storage for their vehicles and garden tools. <br /> Thank you. <br /> Vista Lane community member <br />