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City of Anacortes Concurrency Review Application Page 2 of 2 <br />7.OTHER INFORMATION <br />Brief Project Summary: (Your detailed project description should be submitted in the separate “Project Narrative”) <br />8.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & SIGNATURE <br />Read and initial each of the following statements prior to signing this application: <br />I understand that I am solely responsible for providing complete and accurate information to the City. I <br />understand that if my application is missing information or if inaccurate materials are submitted, this <br />permitting process will be delayed. I understand that depending on how inaccurate and how incomplete <br />my application is or becomes, the City could require an entirely new application to be submitted. I <br />understand that when and if conditions change from that which my application originally represented, I <br />am responsible for making the City aware of these changes. <br />I understand that concurrency review can be completed while a project is in its preliminary stages. <br />However, if there are substantial changes in the project after initial concurrency review, a new review may <br />be necessary, which means that new review fees may be required to be paid by the applicant. <br />By affixing my signature hereto, I certify that I am the owner, or am acting as the Owner’s authorized <br />agent, and that the application and documents contained with this submittal are complete and <br />accurate to the best of my knowledge and abilities. <br />________________________________________________ _____________________________ <br /> Signature Date