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what’s going to happen to the walkway and all the trees (currently on 16 th)? there is lot of wildlife et <br />cetera, et cetera. <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) <br />There's the sidewalk basically shifts from here, and kind of shifts over, and goes along here and you can <br />see there's a planter here and a planter here. <br />Krueger (Guest) <br />I'm located at the 2207 15th right next to the North parking lot. we were curious as far as what the Type <br />C buffer would entail because we're going to be sharing a kind of a fence line there with you guys, it <br />looks like kind of a vacant spot, but just wondering what a Type C buffer is. <br />Emily Morgan (COA Planner) <br />OK, so for type C landscaping, the purpose is a see through screen that functions as a partial visual <br />separator to soften the appearance of parking and building elevations. <br />this landscaping is typically found along lot edges or between multifamily developments. as you can see <br />from Peter’s designs, we have ample shrubbery and trees, and there will be some fencing South of the <br />alley. <br />Krueger (Guest) <br />do you plan to vacate the alley? <br />Emily Morgan (COA Planner) <br />During the pre-application we had a representative from the engineering team with public works and as <br />far as I know that was not their intent. <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) <br />No, it's not our intent to vacate the alley, so anybody would still be able to come through the alley and <br />come through here. <br />Tom Wooten (Tribal Chairman) <br />my question is about the parking. It looks to me like it will be utilized not only for our activities or the <br />tribes’ activities there at the Child Center but also you know its proximity to the ball fields there and the <br />and the Smiley’s Bottom. Have you guys given that much thought as well? Thank you. <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) <br />I think that's part of that part of the Interlocal consideration between the city and the tribe, that this <br />that parking is not being developed or designated for this center necessarily, it'll be open to everyone. <br />for this center, if they're going to use it, the only time they would probably ever really use it to be <br />honest with you is in the morning and in the evening for a brief period because there's more than <br />enough parking on site for staff that will be there attending during the day and working with the <br />children. It's just more for parent drop off. The rest of the time you're not going to have cars going in <br />and out of there and using that parking. That's really what the parking for. <br />But the city, I think did mention that it's there for anyone to use, and I think it will get utilized by other <br />parties besides this.