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D Ave Early Learning Center, Neighborhood Preapplication Meeting Minutes <br />Meeting opened at 6:00pm, January 20, 2022, via TEAMS. <br />Attendees: <br />Full Name Email Role <br />Peter Carletti Project Architect, Carletti Architects P.S. <br />Emily Morgan Planner, City of Anacortes <br />Kim McKinnon Project Manager, Samish <br />Kimberlee Anderson Chief Operating Officer, Samish <br />Tanya Portwine Head Start, ELC Director, Samish <br />Tom Wooten Tribal Chairman, Samish Tribal Council <br />Tamara Rogers Treasurer, Samish Tribal Council <br />Jenna Burnett Samish Tribal Council <br />Anneke den Haan Attendee <br />Krueger Attendee <br />Vickie Corley Attendee <br />MnR Attendee <br />Al and Judy Littlefield Attendee <br />Toni Attendee <br /> <br /> <br />Peter Carletti, Carletti Architects, presented Architectural and Landscape plans for the D Avenue ELC. <br /> <br />Open for questions at 9 minutes: <br />Anneke den Haan (Guest) <br />OK, I live on 16th is it going to be a closed off with the parking or will it be a thoroughfare to D? <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) <br />It'll still be a thoroughfare. This kind of cuts it off, but 16th will still connect the D. <br />Anneke den Haan (Guest) <br />Reserved for your building and for your people for parking or is it for everybody? <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) <br />It's public parking. Anybody can use it. <br />Anneke den Haan (Guest) <br />So we'll have traffic. There will be traffic, right? <br />Peter Carletti (Architect) I don't know whether you have traffic or not, but anybody will be able to use <br />this parking. <br />Anneke den Haan (Guest) <br />02/01/2022 <br />CUP-2022-0002