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Related Permits <br /> Previously approved permits related to this primary permit <br /> Permit Description <br /> PRE-2021-0050 Constuct new 4130 sq.ft.early learning center <br /> Completeness Review <br /> Application is* Application deemed complete by Planner on:* <br /> Complete Incomplete Voided 2/9/2022 <br /> Application Materials* <br /> Upload revised application if one is submitted and/or up to nine additional attachments. <br /> 2110-land-PL-1(1-12-22).pdf 9.64MB <br /> 21040 CIV SET.02.01.22 Signed.pdf 19.53MB <br /> Agent Authorization Form.pdf 411.57KB <br /> ARCH CUP SUBMITTAL 2-1-22.pdf 9.49MB <br /> CUP-SubChecklist_202103121607326600.pdf 372.8KB <br /> doucment list for CUP submittal.pdf 224.52KB <br /> MASTER PERMIT APPLICATION_202110011809341779-signed.pdf 801.07KB <br /> Minutes D Ave ELC Pre-application Neighborhood meeting.pdf 584.79KB <br /> Narrative.pdf 163.79KB <br /> NOTICE OF NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING.pdf 348.53KB <br /> Parking Memo.pdf 254.25KB <br /> Statutary Warranty Deed.pdf 213.87KB <br /> Transp-Concurrency-App.pdf 260.11KB <br /> Note:The permanent record will reflect the file names as uploaded. <br />