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Version Date: October 7, 2019 Previous Version Date: February 20, 2019 <br /> <br /> Storm Water Drainage Report <br />Minimum Requirements 1 through 5 <br /> ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT <br />904 6th Street Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> <br />  <br />Official Use Only: (Information to Inspectors) <br />Required Storm Water Facility and other related requirements: <br />________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />________________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Project Address: _807 27th Street Submittal Date: __________________ <br />Parcel Number: __P57246 Revision Number: ________________ <br />Permit Number: __BLD-2021- Reviewer: _______________________ <br /> Acceptance Date (COA):____________ <br />FRONT OF REPORT: <br />Submittal Checklist: (All items listed below are required for a complete submittal) <br />o Cover Sheet (Preparer to Provide): Project title, Location, Revision dates, Engineer’s Stamp <br />o TAB 1: Minimum Requirement #1 – Preparation of Stormwater Site Plans <br />o TAB 2: Minimum Requirement #2 – Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) <br />o TAB 3: Minimum Requirement #3 – Source Control of Pollution <br />o TAB 4: Minimum Requirement #4 – Preservation of Natural Drainage Systems and Outfalls <br />o TAB 5: Minimum Requirement #5 – On-site Stormwater Managements <br />o APPENDIX 1 - Survey performed by a Professional Land Surveyor <br />o APPENDIX 2 - Soils Analysis (Volume 1, Chapter 3.1.1) <br />o APPENDIX 3 - Model Soil Management Plan for BMP T5.13 <br />o APPENDIX 4 - Determining Construction Site Sediment Damage Potential (Appendix 7) <br />o APPENDIX 5 - Site Plan with all applicable information (Minimum Size 11x17 – 30 scale) <br />o APPENDIX 6 - Documented Site Photos (North, South, East and West) <br />o APPENDIX 7 - Drainage BMP Facility Maintenance Covenant, if applicable. To be recorded prior to the <br />Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Occupancy or Final Acceptance. <br /> <br />Stormwater Management Requirements: <br />o Refer to the 2012\14 Department of Ecology Manual, as amended in 2014 for further required <br />information. <br />o See also, City of Anacortes Municipal Code 19.76 for additional information <br />o See also, current Engineering Development Standards, Chapter 2- Storm Drainage for additional <br />information. <br />01/27/2022 <br />CUP-2022-0001