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ORDINANCE NO. 2934 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES,WASHINGTON RELATING <br /> TO WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT; AMENDING SECTION 13.08.027 OF THE <br /> ANACORTES MUNICIPAL CODE TO UPDATE SYSTEM COSTS AND <br /> ASSOCIATED RATES,ALL CONSISTENT WITH ORDINANCE NO.2920. <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, WASHINGTON, does hereby <br /> ordain as follows: <br /> RECITALS AND FINDINGS <br /> The City of Anacortes ("City") operates a wastewater (sewer) utility ("Utility"). The <br /> Utility is part of the System of City utilities as defined in Ordinance No. 2763 (May 21, 2007). <br /> The Utility provides generally for certain systems and improvements for the collection, treatment <br /> and discharge/disposal of sewage. <br /> The City developed a plan for Utility improvements in the vicinity of"H"Avenue and 41st <br /> Street, shown on Exhibit 1 to this Ordinance. <br /> Under Ordinance No. 2920 (March 3, 2014), the capital costs of the Utility system <br /> improvements in the H Avenue area are to be spread across the properties in the area through a <br /> surcharge on City utility rates and charges applicable to Utility service to the properties. Following <br /> completion of the H Avenue Area Utility system, the City is to revise AMC 13.08.027 using the <br /> final, total cost of the sanitary sewer installation and associated engineering fees. <br /> The H Avenue Utility Project is completed. The originally estimated surcharge was <br /> $6,563.67. The final cost of the Project was $339,603.86, with a resulting reduction in the <br /> surcharge amount to $5,306.31. This Ordinance accordingly amends AMC 13.08.027 to account <br /> for the final Project costs and the reduction in surcharge. <br /> SECTION 2. SECTION 13.08.027 AMC AMENDED Section <br /> 13.08.027 AMC is amended to read in its entirety as follows: <br /> 13.08.027 H Avenue Sewer Surcharge <br /> A. The following surcharge is established and shall apply to all developed(now <br /> or in the future) parcels of real property in the area shown on Exhibit 1 to this <br /> Ordinance ("H Avenue Area"). The current parcel numbers of properties within <br /> the H Avenue Area, as shown on the records of Skagit County, are listed in Exhibit <br /> 2 to this Ordinance. The surcharge shall apply to each and all single family <br /> hookups, within the H Avenue Area, that connect to the Utility System at any time <br /> in the future to the new sewer line on H Avenue,including(1)Each parcel currently <br /> on septic; (2) Each parcel currently undeveloped; and, (3) Each parcel currently <br /> connected to the City Sewer System by other means. <br />