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oi.�= � City of Anacortes Building Department <br /> g Development Review Group (DRG) <br /> gcovet Application and Transmittal Form <br /> Type of DRG meeting requested (check one): 1 <br /> _General information meeting JJ <br /> SEp 2 S 2013 <br /> _Pre-application conference ss <br /> Name: E cer t neya.ri Phone:Mk be "- -T <br /> tl4q <br /> Address: Qb g09 '744 Ph/. 41&ccv7ec Email:e1 - ma i n aile4mott i1C <br /> • <br /> Project: 0,9 le Fa m t � s <br /> Location of Project: / /g e ` r c� five ( P s-eRco c)• <br /> • <br /> • Brief Description of Project(size, scope, etc.): 0 De 6 or 6 4 S ri e - w , t <br /> i,c fin a-F 1 1 G eo e ,c Sivee <br /> Submittal Requirements: 10 copies each of: 0 Written narrative describing the proposal D Site plan <br /> When all of the required information has been received, City staff will schedule your DRG meeting date. <br /> Meetings are held every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. located at our operations facility at 2201 37th Street. <br /> Applications must be turned in two (2)weeks prior to the meeting date. Due to the number of DRG meeting <br /> requests, discussion will generally be limited to 30 minutes per project. However, if you feel you may <br /> require additional time,please inform our office so we may adjust the schedule accordingly. Any further <br /> questions you can call 293-1901. <br /> *****************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY*************************** <br /> THE MEETING HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR (DATE/TIME): <br /> -APPLICANT NOTIFIED BY(INITIALS/DATE): <br /> Distribute with Attachments to: <br /> Don Measamer, Building Sandi Andersen, Operations <br /> Ryan Larsen, Planning Gary Robinson, Parks <br /> Eric Shjarbeck, Engineering Capt.John Small, Police <br /> Steve Lange, Engineering Susan Rooks, Historic Preservation Board <br /> Jack Kennedy, Fire Steve Oakley,Anacortes Museum <br /> • <br /> RETURN COPY TO THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT AFTER COMPLETED <br /> 904 6th Street, Anacortes,Washington 98221 <br /> Phone: 360.293-1901 <br /> • <br /> Updated January 27,2011 Policy No.02-001 <br /> DRGApplicaation.doc <br />