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19 March 2014 <br /> Keith L. Hillard <br /> Sara C. Ferrier <br /> 3308 Field Ave <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> 360-293-1304 <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Building Department <br /> Zoning Board of Adjustments <br /> 904 6'h Street <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 °' <br /> 360-293-1901 f',, MAR 2 2014 E� <br /> RE: Variance Application __. n _. - . . <br /> Variance Request Relating To: Yard & Setback Height <br /> Request a variance on 18 inch above grade height restriction for a wood porch <br /> Request a variance on front yard 20 foot setback to 15 feet <br /> Description and purpose of variance being requested: <br /> The existing concrete porch has settled a minimum of 3 inches, Entry into front door is <br /> dangerous. The roof supports beams have settled causing unknown stress and/or damage to <br /> covered porch area. The small pad around front entry has made entry dangerous to aging <br /> parents. <br /> Request to replace concrete porch with a wooden porch of equal height across front of <br /> house. Deck would extend to edge of current porch which is 16 feet from property line and due <br /> to the nature of the sloping ground deck height would be 20-24 inches above driveway grade. <br /> Request to extend roofing overhang just over front door entry to 16 feet from property <br /> line. <br /> Provision of Zoning Ordinance from which variance is requested, including section and <br /> page number: <br /> ANACORTES, WASHINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE <br /> 17.06.795 Setback requirements. <br /> "Setback"is the distance between a structure and its lot lines. Minimum setback shall <br /> be measured from roof edges, overhangs, decks and porches. Decks or steps averaging <br /> eighteen inches or less above the adjacent grade maybe considered to be on grade and <br /> may extend into the setback area. In residentially zoned areas roofs may overhang twenty- <br />