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Ch) <br /> 1 Storm Water Minimum Requirements #1 to #5 <br /> p ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT <br /> ,� .• t.� °► l� 904 6th Street Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> ,� C S <br /> MAY 30201 <br /> CITY OF ANAGORTES <br /> Official Use Only: (Information to Inspectors) <br /> Required Storm Water Facility and other related requirements: <br /> Project Address: Dundee Drive, Anacortes, WA 98221 Submittal Date: 05-29-2019 <br /> Parcel Number: P59705 Revision Number: 1ST SUBMITTAL <br /> Permit Number: gk,p-Zoldi. 03424 Acceptance Date (COA): <br /> Reviewer: <br /> FRONT OF REPORT <br /> Submittal Checklist: Jtt R- b2 °6.6 <br /> o TAB #1 through #5 - Drainage Analysis— Minimum Requirement#1 to#5 <br /> o APPENDIX 1 - Survey performed by a Professional Land Surveyor <br /> o APPENDIX 2 - Soils Analysis (Volume 1, Chapter 3.1.1) <br /> o APPENDIX 3 - Model Soil Management Plan for BMP T5.13 <br /> o APPENDIX 4 - Determining Construction Site Sediment Damage Potential (Appendix 7) <br /> o APPENDIX 5 - Site Plan with all applicable information (Minimum Size 11x17 — 30 scale) <br /> o APPENDIX 6 - Documented Site Photos (North, South, East and West) <br /> o APPENDIX 7 - Drainage BMP Facility Maintenance Covenant, if applicable. To be recorded prior to the <br /> Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Occupancy or Final Acceptance. <br /> Project Description: (What is it you are looking to do? Provide details regarding, but not limited to, Lot SF, <br /> Home SF, New and Replaced Hard Surface) <br /> Construction of a new 2,720 SF home on a 9,583 SF lot. The new and hard replaced surface is 2,942 sq.ft. for <br /> the house and deck with an additional 1,300 sq.ft. in driveway. This is a total of 4,242 sq.ft. <br /> Existing Site Conditions Summary: <br /> (Additionally, provide information on previous permits, if any, like Grade and Fill, Clear and Grade, topography, <br /> vegetation, drainage, Critical Areas adjacent to the site and how it may affect this project if soils are disturbed, <br /> Soils Type (Included in Soils Analysis Report), Erosion Problem Areas, Construction PhasinglSequence) <br /> The site was developed under lot 48, skyline no. 8, as per plat recorded in volume 9 of plats, pages 72, 73 and <br /> 74, records of skaqit county, washinqton., which had all the appropriate permits and has been accepted by the <br /> City of Anacortes City Council and recorded. <br /> The site is sloping mostly from east to west within home site. The average sloping grade is around 10.71%. <br /> A soils analysis was done for this site and is included under appendex 2. <br /> itkrr r7c4w Vvvas-r e•jr IS 62.26.Zoi9 <br />