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-" ..,.<• <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Development Review Committee Application <br /> `Sv„yfynF'M <br /> Type of DRC meeting requested(Check one): <br /> General information meeting <br /> Pre-application conference <br /> Name: V_e_L..9 .(\ Phone: 3 ca o ` i.O I�l <br /> Address: 4-1,40U SLoen Fax: (3(acc) q9 - 6149 <br /> Project: l [ Q D gc - cP .,.'\ \b-L,VV <br /> Location of Project: \,kVQ) C0r/V\ ' +Q\ ktie <br /> Brief Description of Project(size, scope, etc.): .A w u? <br /> \ c c co\ moue,- w,- sq,LD <br /> G-e-cA'fi7 a\\ 'v -C O eec A, 'A-\l&w A- Ore kkv. (•s <br /> When all of the m1ciuired information has been received,City sthff will schedule your DRC meeting <br /> date. DRC meetings are held every Tuesday and generally start at 1:15 p.m. Representatives from <br /> applicable City Departments will be in attendance. Due to the number of DRC meeting requests, <br /> discussion will generally be limited to 30 minutes per project. However, if you feel you may require <br /> additional time,please inform our office so we may adjust the schedule accordingly. Lastly, we <br /> request that ten(10) copies of the proposed drawings be provided. <br /> ******************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY****************************** <br /> THE MEETING HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR(DATE/TIME): Jan 91-k &}1 PM <br /> APPLICATION NOTIFIED BY(INITIALS/DATE): <br /> Distribute with Attachments to: <br /> Don Measamer, Building Steve Lange,Engineering:: <br /> Dave Walde, Public Works Fred Buckenmyer, Engineering <br /> Marc Krueger, Operations • Dan Harju, Fire <br /> Rick Harvey, Operations Bob Clumpner, Engineering <br /> Adrian Moore, Water -Mac Jackson, Operations <br /> Last Updated April 4,2005 <br /> DRCApplication.doc <br />