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Starbuck's International Crisis <br /> Development Review Committee Meeting <br /> 11-08-05 <br /> Parking: <br /> 1. The proposed plan reduces the amount of existing parking spaces by <br /> approximately two. Are these going to be replaced? If so, where? <br /> Storm: <br /> 1. The site plan does not identify where the storm water is going. How is the new <br /> surface runoff going to be taken care of? <br /> 2. What is being done in regards to Water Quality? <br /> General: <br /> 1. Additional improvements for new access. Is it going to be required to pave the <br /> alley for additional access? Similar situation is the Strawberry Coffee Company. <br /> 2. After test driving the site, it has been determined that: <br /> - The turning radius at the southwest corner of the building does not work. Look <br /> at redesign. Possible solution would be to move entire drive approach to the <br /> west and widen radius. This will allow for employee parking between the <br /> building and access lane. <br /> - The driveway approach on the south side of the property is to narrow. As it <br /> exists, if a car is exiting the site, any vehicles wanting to enter cannot do so <br /> until the vehicle has existed. This offers a build up of vehicles on public streets. <br /> There is not enough room to have two vehicles move at the same time. <br /> Suggestion, move the curb radius on the west side further west. This will widen <br /> the driveway approach and allow a turning radius for vehicles using the drive- <br /> thru. <br /> 3. Additionally, there is a need for better wheel chair access with the proposed <br /> design. Also, detectable warning devices. <br /> 4. There are 4 individual water services that will possibly need to be lowered with <br /> the new improvements. Not clearly shown on the plans. <br />