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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> sfie <br /> P �a Steven Lange, Project Manager <br /> - P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 PH(360)293-1920 <br /> - 4. E-MAIL FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> 9-Cog' <br /> Memo <br /> Date: September 29, 2014 <br /> To: Don Measamer <br /> From: Steven Lange <br /> Subject: Proposed Alley Improvements—(2103 29th Place) <br /> cc: Libby Grage, Eric Shjarback, Fred Buckenmeyer, Kevin Cricchio' 19p.vL lalbptlS. <br /> The Engineering Department has reviewed the site plan (Addendum Al 1, print date 07- <br /> 02-14) for Lot 3 alley access and makes the following comments and or <br /> recommendations: <br /> Permits: <br /> • Right-of-Way Permit for work being performed within the Inside and Outside of <br /> the Traveled Way of 29th Place and Public Alley Ways. <br /> City of Anacortes Development Standards: <br /> • The Development Standards can be found on-line at www.cityofanacortes.orp. If <br /> the Engineer of Record needs any COA Standard Details in AutoCAD format, <br /> they can email me at stevel(a)citvofanacortes.orq and request a CD. This CD will <br /> be mailed to a provided address. <br /> Street: <br /> • It has been determined that the Public Works Operations Department does not <br /> want partially paved or cement concrete alleyways. <br /> • Under the current proposal, the alley way will be constructed to alley way <br /> standards, per 2011 Engineering Development Standards, Chapter 3— Streets, <br /> Section STR-15. See attached. (2-inch Crushed Surfacing Top Course over 6- <br /> inches of Gravel Borrow). <br /> • The alley approach shall be constructed to meet current ADA requirements. In <br /> order for this to happen, the existing driveway access may need to be removed <br /> and replaced to accommodate the new access. <br /> • The alley approach will be a Type 3, per WSDOT Standard Plan F-80.10-03. <br /> • The alley approach will need to be either: <br /> • 8-inch thick Class 3000 concrete, or; <br /> • 6-inch thick Class 4000 mix. <br /> to + is <br /> a�® , 0 Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> .4,44t..a • Transportation• Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> 9P <br />