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APPENDIX B —SINGLE FAMILY AND DUPLEXES JULY 2011 <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Public Works Department\Buiiding Department <br /> Small Parcel Storm Water Plan <br /> Section 13.36.1 G0 <br /> Chapter 13.36 Drainage Requirements and Regulations <br /> Project Name: 3 c:' 5°, gEs tVer-ir-E <br /> Owner: (Name,Address and Phone).iteFF- '? --as ' 4br.' <br /> Site Address: ZAoto Z& Parcel ID Number: d 0 3,44B <br /> Sec. 24Twn Rng Ci) <br /> Prepared By: (Name, Firm,Address, Phone) 1k <br /> The Small Parcel Storm Water Plan needs to be submitted with the Building permit. To <br /> assist City Staff in reviewing your plans, please include any notes or comments you may <br /> have regarding individual requirements as they may pertain to this development. <br /> • <br /> Single Family and Duplex Public Works Submittal Requirements <br />