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City of Anacortes Development Standards: <br /> • The 2011 Development Standards can be found on-line at <br /> www.cityofanacortes.orq. If the Engineer of Record needs any COA Standard <br /> Details in AutoCAD format, they can email me at stevel(a�cityofanacortes.orq and <br /> request a CD. This CD will be mailed to a provided address. <br /> ■ Attached is a Required Submittals Checklist that can be modified to the scope of <br /> this project. Contact Steven Lange, Project Manager at 360.661.3468. <br /> Sewer: <br /> • For additional Sewer information and design criteria, see the 2011 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 5 —Sanitary Sewer. • <br /> • There is sewer available for this project in the Public Alley Way via an 8-inch <br /> PVC Sanitary Sewer Conveyance System. <br /> • Public records do indicates two existing private side services to the parcel. Both <br /> are identified as 4-inch. See attached video information. <br /> • For a duplex, each unit can exit the foundation with a 3-inch pipe and connect to <br /> (1) one 6-inch connection. <br /> • Private Sanitary Side Sewer: Minimum pipe size in the Public Right-of-Way is 6- <br /> inches (S1-10 Side Sewers). <br /> • Existing 4-inch private side service can service a single residential unit. <br /> Storm: <br /> ■ For additional Storm information and design criteria, see the 2011 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 4 —Storm Drainage. <br /> • Public records indicate that there is no direct storm line stubbed to this property. <br /> • Option#1: Catch Basin #2572 can be accessed for conveying water from <br /> the site to the Public Storm Facility. <br /> • See Anacortes Municipal Code 13.36.080— General Design and Construction <br /> Standards regarding site drainage. <br /> • For land disturbing activities between 1,000 sf and 5,000 sf, the project is <br /> required to provide a Small Parcel Storm Water Plan (AMC 13.36.100), which <br /> needs to be submitted with a Building Permit application. See attached for your <br /> convenience. <br /> • The proposed project will need to provide an Erosion Control Plan. <br /> Traffic: <br /> • Pedestrian facilities are required. <br /> • 5-foot sidewalks for Residential Access in the R2 Zone. Located 6-feet from <br /> the back of curb. <br /> ■ WSDOT Standard Plan F-30.10-03 —Cement Concrete Sidewalk <br /> • Provide a Traffic Control Plan (Current MUTCD Manual) prior to any construction <br /> taking place for approval by the City of Anacortes City Engineer. <br /> • Street Lighting — None required under this proposal. <br /> tEa <br /> • Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> ® lk • Transportation•Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> � : <br />