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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> 0AY �44 Jim Baldwin, Public Works Inspector Cell:360.661.3547 <br /> en P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 Office/Inspections:360.299.1972 4. 4v FAX(360)293-1938 } <br /> Memo <br /> Date: February 6,2008 <br /> To: Rick Guttormson,Owner <br /> From:Jim Baldwin <br /> Subject:Correction Notice—2105 28th Street <br /> cc: Eric Shjarback, Steven Lange, Don Measamer <br /> A site inspection was performed on your building site at 2105 28th Street on February 4, <br /> 2008. Below are the following items that need immediate attention. <br /> 1. Stabilize all exposed areas using DOE approved BMP's. <br /> 2. Remove all construction debris from the Public Right-of-Way <br /> 3. Implement other DOE approved Erosion Control BMP's for inlet protection at the <br /> catch basin. The hay bales are a traffic hazard at the intersection and need to be <br /> removed. <br /> 4. Complete the work that was performed under Right-of-Way Permit Number <br /> ROW-2007-0170, issued to Schwabe Construction on December 20, 2007. <br /> The City of Anacortes approved a 'Window" cut in the asphalt at 28th and D <br /> Avenue on the east side of the intersection. The 'Window" cut was performed <br /> within an existing patch and was completed in an acceptable manner. The final <br /> patch for this project will require the entire patch across 28th Street to be removed <br /> and replaced to meet WSDOT and the City of Anacortes specifications. <br /> A copy of the Right-of-Way permit is attached for your convenience. <br /> If you have any questions regarding this Correction Memo or need an inspection, please <br /> contact me at 360.299.1972. For your information, inspections need a minimum of 24- <br /> hours notice for proper scheduling. <br /> Thank you for your attention to this matter. <br /> Jim Baldwin <br /> Public Works Inspector <br />