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ri 11*j Ala <br /> 4.1.9„* • imam <br /> Planning,Community,and Economic Development 1?j1�i-pii\,fl <br /> 904—6th Street (i! '� �� <br /> P.O.Box 547 MARAnacortes,WA 98221-0547 �� Q 1 203 <br /> i <br /> 360-299-1943 <br /> tom " _ - <br /> P Plats Preliminary Short Plats <br /> Conditional Use rmit Rezones <br /> re ine Permits Fat types) Variances (all types) <br /> Planned Unit Development Annexations <br /> Binding Site Plans Plat Modifications <br /> Comprehensive Plan Amendments Special Use <br /> Boundary Line Adjustments Home Occupation <br /> Commercial Building Projects <br /> Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting: All applicants for permits will be required to <br /> schedule a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting. When all of the required information has <br /> been received, City staff will schedule your DRC meeting date. Staff must have at least two weeks for <br /> an application to be distributed/reviewed. DRC meetings are held every Tuesday and generally start <br /> at 1:30 p.m. Representatives from applicable City Departments will be in attendance. Due to the <br /> number of DRC meeting requests, discussions will generally be limited to 30 minutes per project. <br /> However, if you feel you may require additional time, please inform our office so we may adjust the <br /> schedule accordingly. A separate DRC meeting request form is required for this process. <br /> It is our goal to provide thorough clarification of requirements and reduce the number of rejected or <br /> incomplete applications to enable an efficient review and timely completion of your application <br /> process. <br /> Formal Application Submittals: All application submittals will be accepted BY APPOINTMENT <br /> ONLY. A submittal appointment can be scheduled by calling (360) 299-1986. <br />