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Memorandum <br /> K.,..�; <br /> To: Kathy Janke,Land Use Permit Manager w <br /> Cc. Colleen Craig—Fax No.293-4049—Phone No.770-9638 <br /> From: Don Measamer,DRGpf'V\ �/•/� <br /> Data: 9/21/2005 <br /> Re: Conditional Use Permit—Rogers—Triplex— 1620 28h Street <br /> The Development Review Group discussed the proposed triplex conditional use permit for 1620 28°h <br /> Street at the September 21,2005 meeting and determined that the following information will be <br /> needed prior to moving ahead with the project. <br /> 1. Please provide a narrative describing the proposed conditional use permit,including a <br /> preliminary drainage proposal. The narrative should describe how the project corresponds <br /> with AMC Section 17.10.100-13(please find attached). <br /> 2_ Please provide a site plan showing existing conditions. <br /> 3_ Provide a site plan to show proposed building location,setbacks,lot coverage,parking, <br /> driveways, landscaping,screening,fences and lot dimensions. <br /> 4_ Provide proposed building elevation drawings. <br /> Please note that this memo has been faxed to the applicant. <br /> t <br /> i <br /> II�,1.7i., j.ji all I+I r,y 11.1 U "i..'l II ry I �:ti1� <br /> A I IJ' li li.l <br /> 1 <br />