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6. At time of CUP application submittal, a parking plan shall be submitted to the Department <br /> of Planning, Community, & Economic Development that shows how conformance with <br /> AMC Chapter 17.46 is being met for both the existing building and proposed. Additionally, <br /> landscaping of the parking lot will need to comply with AMC Chapters 17.41 & 17.46 and <br /> be shown on the respective landscape /parking plans. Per AMC 17.46.020, nursing homes <br /> require 0.33 off-street parking spaces per bed while congregate care senior housing requires <br /> 0.5 spaces per bed. Show existing and proposed off-street parking stalls on the plan. <br /> 7. In your narrative, please list how many existing rooms /beds there are and how many are <br /> proposed. <br /> 8. Construction will need to comply with the currently adopted edition of the International <br /> Building Code (IBC). <br /> 9. A grading permit is required for earthwork consisting of fifty (50) cubic yards or more. <br /> 10. Development shall comply with setback requirements per AMC 17.28.060. <br /> 11. The maximum permitted land coverage in the R4 Zone is fifty(50)percent. <br /> 12. A boundary survey of the subject property is required performed by a Washington State <br /> licensed surveyor. <br /> 13. Additionally, a Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) is required to consolidate all existing <br /> underlying lot lines. <br /> 14. A traffic study is required. <br /> 15. Please check with the Fire Department to verify if a turnaround or improvements along 28th <br /> Street are required? <br /> 16. What is the circulation and connection to the undeveloped property to the south? Please <br /> show this on your plans. <br /> PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT: <br /> 17. Attached are comments /requirements from the Public Works Department. Please contact <br /> Steve Lange in the Public Works Department at (360)293-1920 if you have any questions. <br /> WATER DEPARTMENT: <br /> 18. Please contact Terry Nemeth at (360) 293-1921 for requirements from the Water <br /> Department. <br /> FIRE DEPARTMENT: <br /> 19. Please contact Jack Kennedy at(360) 293-1932 for requirements from the Fire Department. <br /> SANITATION DEPARTMENT: <br /> 20. Please contact Matt Koegel at(360)293-1921 for Sanitation Department requirements. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />