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at'�'� ' Anacortes Planning, Community & Economic Development Dept. <br /> Permit Center <br /> 1r�1+9 � P.O.Box 547,Anacortes,WA 98221-0547 PH(360)293-1901 <br /> 00 Don Measamer,Director of Planning, Community and Economic Development FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> December 15,2015 <br /> Valerie Thiel, AIA <br /> SAGE Architectural Alliance <br /> 315 First Avenue, Suite 300 <br /> Seattle, Washington 98104 <br /> RE: Proposed Renovation and Expansion to Fidalgo Rehabilitation and Care Center; PRE- <br /> 2015-0043 <br /> Dear Ms. Thiel: <br /> A pre-application conference / DRG meeting was held today regarding the proposed renovation <br /> and expansion to Fidalgo Rehabilitation and Care Center located at 1105 27th Street resulting in <br /> the following comments: <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING, COMMUNITY&ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: <br /> 1. The subject property is located in the Residential High Density Zoning District (R4A) and <br /> Comprehensive Plan designation. Please refer to Chapter 17.30 of the Anacortes Municipal <br /> Code (AMC)regarding the R4A Zoning District's permitted uses, conditional-uses, setback <br /> requirements, density, maximum land coverage, maximum building height, & off-street <br /> parking requirements. Except for maximum density and height, Chapter 17.30 AMC refers <br /> you to Chapter 17.28 AMC for rules and regulations contained in the R4 Zoning District. <br /> 2. The maximum permitted height in the R4A Zoning District is thirty-five(35)feet taken from <br /> original grade. <br /> 3. According to AMC § 17.28.040,the renovation and expansion to Fidalgo Rehabilitation and <br /> Care Center requires an approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP). This requires an open- <br /> record public hearing before the Planning Commission followed by a closed-record public <br /> hearing before City Council. <br /> 4. SEPA environmental review is required for office/commercial buildings that cumulatively <br /> exceed 12,000 square, exceed forty off-street parking stalls, or that involve landfills or <br /> excavations greater than five hundred cubic yards. <br /> 5. At time of CUP application submittal,a landscape plan shall be submitted to the Department <br /> of Planning, Community, & Economic Development that shows how conformance with <br /> AMC Chapter 17.41 is being met. Twenty (20) percent of the gross site area shall be <br /> landscaped pursuant to AMC § 17.41.020(G). <br /> Page 1 of 3 <br />