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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> GSS Y O'44t4 <br /> P.O. BOX 547, ANACORTES, WA 98221 <br /> 9 �t (360) 293-1919 / (360) 293-1938 <br /> 1891 <br /> 9pOg'S JIM PEMBERTON, Director <br /> INTER-DEPARTMENTAL MEMO <br /> Date: May 5, 2000 <br /> To: Building Department <br /> From: David W. Price, P.E., Staff Engineer <br /> Cc: Dave Lervik, P.E., City Engineer <br /> Speed Garrett, Engineering Inspector <br /> Subj.: FRONTIER INDUSTRIES OFFICE—ENGINEERING FEES <br /> I have spoken with the proponent of this project, Mr. Wayne Lyttle and indicated to him that the <br /> fees for our review and inspection are $500 plus 2% of the estimated cost of the right of way <br /> work. Mr. Lyttle indicated to me that the estimate for the right-of-way portion was $10,100. I <br /> have calculated a fee of$702.00 total. <br /> Mr. Lyttle requested a waiver of the $500 portion of the fee. I indicated to him that he would <br /> need to get the approval of Mr. Lervik. In the interest of letting a conscientious citizen begin their <br /> project without further delay waiting for an answer, I told him to bring in a check for $202.00. <br /> If Mr. Lervik does not agree, then Mr. Lyttle will need to get another check in for the remaining <br /> $500 ASAP. <br />