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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> os” °� Fred Buckenmeyer, Public Works Director <br /> P.O. BOX 547, ANACORTES, WA 98221 PH(360) 293-1919 <br /> 9.y ,r)� Email: <br /> coSt/' <br /> December 29, 2011 <br /> Mr. Branco Jurkovick <br /> 608 Longview Avenue <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Dear Branco: <br /> As you know, the City of Anacortes was notified that the footing drains located at 903 <br /> 25t" Street are connected to the City of Anacortes Sanitary Sewer System by way of the <br /> sanitary sewer side service. Storm water infiltration of sewer lines puts an undue burden <br /> on the wastewater treatment facility. <br /> City of Anacortes Ordinance No. 2078 prohibits the connection of roof drains, foundation <br /> drains, and other sources of storm or surface water to the sanitary sewer system. The <br /> ordinance further requires property owners to disconnect improper storm/sanitary sewer <br /> connections within 180 days of notification. <br /> A review of your property at 903 25t" Street confirmed that footing drains are connected <br /> directly to the sewer system. The footing drains must be disconnected from the Sanitary <br /> Sewer and redirected at your expense. <br /> If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. I am available to meet with <br /> you at the site to assist in evaluating the situation. Please call (360) 299.1972. <br /> Thank you. <br /> Sincerely <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> James M. Baldwin <br /> Public Works Inspector <br /> Enclosure <br />