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Lange, Steve <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:44 AM <br /> To: Baldwin,Jim <br /> Cc: Shjarback, Eric <br /> Subject: RE: 20th/D Ave & 1315 24th St <br /> Jim, <br /> Regarding 1315 24' Street. It is unfortunate for those that currently own the properties within this short plat <br /> and are the end users of the plat requirements that were established 2-3 years ago. <br /> You are correct in that the plat was approved with a 20-foot radius. Can you verify what the Facts and Finding, <br /> Planning Director's final, state regarding frontage improvement requirements? <br /> The minimum radius for new subdivisions is 25-feet, typically. I seem to remember going to a 20-foot to reduce <br /> the impact to the property on the corner. Additionally, I seem to remember that the 25-foot, with the off-sets <br /> would have interfered with the property corner, therefore requiring additional easements for sidewalks. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Steven Lange <br /> Project Manager <br /> 360.293.1920 - Office <br /> 360.293.1938 - Fax <br /> 360.661.3468 - Cellular <br /> <br /> From: Baldwin, Jim <br /> Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:20 AM <br /> To: Lange, Steve <br /> Subject: 20th/D Ave & 1315 24 Th St <br /> Steve, <br /> Issues I'm trying to resolve today. <br /> 1315 24th - sidewalk <br /> Meter box location - service needs to be extended in order to get 5 foot walk behind curb. He's got a call into <br /> Terry. <br /> Curb radius at corner of 24& L Ave. Existing radius looks to be 14 foot. Builder feels he can get required <br /> ADA ramp within the 14 feet.I stated that the plat was approved based on a 20 radius.Neighbor at 2405 L Ave <br /> has voiced concerns to builder about digging up his yard. I responded that It's ROW. Builder would like to set <br /> up an ONSITE with you,me, himself and the neighbor possibly on Friday was the neighbor is out town til then. <br /> 20th & D Ave- <br /> Stopped at the ACS Office. Talked to Chris about the trees. Asked for a letter addressing the root barrier. What <br /> material was used,who authorized/inspected it, staking/support, tree size,broken trees.Was informed that Ted <br /> Filler was overseeing the project, so I will be contacting him today and trying to resolve. Also talked to Jonn <br /> Lunsford who stated that he'd had several emails back and forth with Don concerning the trees with cc's to you <br /> and me. He has since resent them to me but I've not looked at them as yet. <br /> i <br />