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!.1 r e, m ft•eTtr. . <br /> APPENDIX B —SINGLE FAMILY AND DUPLEXES JULY 2011 <br /> City of Arnacortes Public Works Ds9artirnent <br /> Residential and Duplex Site Man Checklist <br /> Use this attached checklist and sample site plan to aid you when preparing a <br /> building permit application. <br /> This checklist will aid the applicant in preparing a site plan. Permits that require <br /> installation of substantial improvements may require plans drawn and designed by a <br /> licensed engineer. Please check with City staff prior to submitting your application- <br /> s Draw the plan to a standard Engineering Scale Et"=1 0', etc, <br /> Include the owners name,the parcel ID number, site address, and north arrow. <br /> • Show the lot dimensions, and the adjoining street names. <br /> C Show the location of the existing curb, gutter and sidewalk and the proposed <br /> driveway. <br /> r, Show the location of the required rock construction entrance. <br /> C Show all easements, and critical areas such as streams, wetlands and steep <br /> slopes. <br /> D Show the location, dimensions, and distance to property line of all existing and <br /> proposed structures, including drain fields, septic tanks and wells. <br /> • Show the corner elevations of the site, the general slope of the site and show the <br /> direction of surface water flow using arrows [plus or minus elevations from one <br /> set point are acceptable!. <br /> Q Show the proposed soil stockpile area. <br /> ri Explain how runoff from exposed soil will be handled during construction. <br /> o Example: silt fence, catch basin inserts, straw wattles, and diversion <br /> swales, covering exposed soil with plastic. <br /> o Show the location and type of proposed erosion control measures, <br /> i7 Explain how roof and driveway runoff will be handled. <br /> o Example: dissipation pad, infiltration system, curb drain, dry well, <br /> connection to storm sewer drain. <br /> a Show the location,size and type of the proposed drainage control <br /> features. <br /> n Show the connection to the sanitary sewer and the water service connection. <br /> U Show the distance from the front of the building to the nearest fire hydrant. <br /> Single Fa y.arid Duplex Public Works Submittal Requirements <br />