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Measamer, Don <br /> From: Debbie Macy> <br /> Sent: Monday,April 20,2015 11:35 AM <br /> To: Measamer, Don <br /> Subject: FW: Message from KMBT C364e <br /> Attachments: S KM B H 364e 15042010090.pdf <br /> Hi Don, <br /> Can you help me? 1 need some suggestions. <br /> i <br /> It relates to Parcels 31.931,31932,31919 8a 31884. Steve Morris owns it. I believe he came in and talked to you <br /> sometime back about adding another 9(?)units onto his complex located just to the south of these parcels he owns. He <br /> decided against that because of the cost. <br /> He is in the process of doing a BLA on this parcels so that the final product of the four parcels will be 12,000 SF. There is <br /> a house on one end. (31932 I think). 1 knows its R4A so 3000 SF minimum. He could probably split off the house on a <br /> 3000 sq ft lot but the other portion appears to be too narrow to build single family on. It appears to be 50-55 feet deep <br /> so that by the time the front and back setbacks are met,there is only about 10-15' at most to work with. He wants to <br /> list it but at this point I'm thinking that the remainder of the property(9000 if he splits off the little house) is only going <br /> to be worth something to one of the neighbors(his apartment complex or the little beauty shop next door). <br /> I'm happy to come down and meet with you if its more convenient. I'm just trying to get suggestions as 1 am a little <br /> perplexed on this one. <br /> Thanks Don. <br /> Debbie Macy <br /> r iC0.391.2422 <br /> ' \V.V.? • <br /> <br /> 3018 t:omrnereiu!Avenue-Anacortcs,W.A.98221 .Office 360.293.8008-To11 800.327.5291-Fa-N 3450.293.4049 <br /> From:Windermere Real Estate/Skagit Valley <br /> Sent:Monday,April 20,2015 11:10 AM <br /> To: Debbie Macy <br /> Subject: Message from KMBT_C364e <br /> i <br />