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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> s't o Steven Lange, Project Manager <br /> P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 PH(360)293-1920 <br /> �rI FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> Memo <br /> Date:April 23, 2018 <br /> To: Paul Ingalls, Plans Examiner <br /> From: Steven Lange <br /> Subject Site Plan Review#1 for 1410 17th Street <br /> cc: Eric Shjarback, Justin Symonds <br /> The submitted site plan for 1410 17th Street was reviewed by the Public Works <br /> Engineering Department on April 23, 2018. <br /> • 04-09-18: Submittal to Public Works Engineering <br /> • 04-23-18: Public Works review and memo back to Building Department <br /> The following comments are provided: <br /> • No frontage improvements are required with the proposed project. <br /> • Project site plan does not show where any of the utility connections are. <br /> • Water is available to the site. <br /> • Sewer is available to the site. <br /> • Storm is not stubbed to the property. <br /> • Project site plan does not show what the existing and proposed elevations are. <br /> • Project site plan does not identify the BMP's as outlined in the MR#2— 13 <br /> Elements. <br /> • Project site plan needs to show all easements of record. <br /> • If the drainage BMP's outlined in the DOE criteria are deemed infeasible, what is <br /> the proposal for drainage. <br /> • Based on the information provided, the project will need to bring in 8-inches of <br /> DOE specified topsoil, which will allow for a Rain Garden to be used and not be <br /> declared infeasible, per the drainage report. This was not identified in the Drainage <br /> Report. <br /> Property at the SE corner of 17th Street and K Avenue has a rain garden without an <br /> overflow drain. <br /> • Has the soils been tested for water quality attributes? <br /> 1�,0 0 <br /> aIV <br /> K • Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> t® .t <br /> • Transportation•Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> q` Q. <br />