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Nelson, Ka it <br /> From: Cricchio, Kevin <br /> Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 2:49 PM <br /> To: Fyrrce, Groc; Ingalls, Paul <br /> Subject: 1213 1 5th Street, BLD-2017-0662 & BLD-2017-0673 <br /> 1-26-18 <br /> RE ,121315th Street,BLD 2017-0662&BLD 2017,0673 <br /> Groc, <br /> I have completed my review of the building permit for 1213 15th Street to construct a duplex on the subject property. <br /> The following revisions are needed: <br /> 1. According to AMC 17.28.070,the maximum permitted height in the R4 Zone is 40 feet. Please show on your <br /> elevations the average original grade and how you are meeting this requirement. <br /> 2. The landscape plan and site plan included with the plan-set does not reflect the dimensions of the lot per the <br /> recorded survey. Show the respective dimensions on all property lines for both the landscape and site plans per <br /> the survey. <br /> 3. On the landscape plan,the lot setbacks are listed.This should also be on the site plan.The rear setback shows 0 <br /> feet required.This is incorrect. Per AMC 17.28.060(C), a rear setback of ten feet or one foot for every four feet <br /> of building height,whichever is greater. <br /> 4. The landscape plan and site plan show a 5 foot setback. In the R4 Zone,the side setback is five feet or one foot <br /> for every five feet of building height,whichever is greater. Based on the 29'-10& 1/8" shown on your <br /> elevations,the side setback would exceed this 5' minimum requirement.You need to calculate the average <br /> original grade to determine the exact side setback required. <br /> Kevin Cricchio, AICP, WRIT I Associate Planner I Planning,Community &Economic Development Dept. <br /> City of Anacortes I P.O. Box 547 1904 6th Street I Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> 360.293.1937 (work)I kevinc@cityofanacortes.orq I www.cityofanacortes.orq <br /> My incoming and outgoing email messages are subject to public disclosure requirements per RCW 42.56. <br /> 1 <br />