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Permits: <br /> • Right-of-Way Permit for work being performed Inside and Outside the Traveled <br /> Way. Contact Justin Symonds, Public Works Inspector, at 360.661.3547. <br /> • Contact the City of Anacortes Planning Department for additional permitting <br /> requirements such as SEPA, Grade and Fill, Clear and Grading, Conditional Use, <br /> Building, etc. <br /> City of Anacortes Development Standards: <br /> • The 2011 Development Standards can be found on-line at <br /> If the Engineer of Record needs any COA Standard <br /> Details in AutoCAD format, they can email me at stevelcityofanacortes.orq and <br /> request a CD. This CD will be mailed to a provided address. <br /> Sewer: <br /> • There is no record of sewer on this site. <br /> • For additional Sewer information and design criteria, see the 2011 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 5 —Sanitary Sewer. <br /> • 2018 Capital Project that did a cured in place pipe on the Conveyance System. <br /> • City records indicate that the private side sewer to 2203 12th Street has a heavy <br /> root problem. <br /> Storm: <br /> • For additional Storm information and design criteria, see the 2011 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 4—Storm Drainage. <br /> • Storm Water, including Water Quantity and Quality will need to comply with the <br /> City of Anacortes Drainage Code, Section 19.76—Storm Water <br /> • The Threshold requirements are not determined at this time. The project will <br /> trigger either Minimum Requirements #1 through #5 or#1 through #9. <br /> Traffic: <br /> • Pedestrian facilities exist along this portion of 12th Street and D Avenue. <br /> • No Street Lighting is required under this proposal. <br /> • The need for a Traffic Impact Analysis may be required. The information provided <br /> for the DRG meeting was not sufficient to make that determination. <br /> Street: (12th Street and D Avenue and Public Alley Way) <br /> • Based on the information provided, all improvements exist. <br /> Garbage: <br /> • Contact City of Anacortes Sanitation Department Matt Koegel at 360.293.1921 <br /> for further information as the design moves forward. <br /> eo� I< • Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> • Transportation •Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> qp/p <br />