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GATY Off, 40 <br /> City of Anacortes Application for If <br /> ENCROACHMENT TEMPORARY INTO <br /> CITY STREET OR ALLEY RIGHT OF WAY • :r <br /> Street Address of Proposed Encroachment .,Z 11_(0 12n.i Sr. <br /> Name of Property Owner(s) as they appear on the property deed. A copy of the Property Deed <br /> must be submitted with application. (Please print) /qS N lieftsrLige.ES LLC <br /> { LEG cy hire4E-gtif 14..DegS/c_ifbSLa LE__ As 14"/ <br /> Applicant(s)Name C kp Li E 2 Phone 3 O ( t <br /> E-mail address C _} .Lt , A c4 G� Ai L.c <br /> (Please Print) <br /> Mailing Address: 2.� S . 1 Sr.,M r. vimatvotki 9c2:74- <br /> Legal description of property,be specific and attach property deed with complete description. <br /> Include Parcel Number. -r- Z p� eLA (Fog0i1SR L Ps _?2. <br /> P Jseri,g.e 9(4 — ; r <br /> Please give a detailed description of the proposed encroachment. Include the <br /> dimensions of the encroachment off of your property line and into the City right of way. <br /> Use additional sheet if necessary. <br /> SEC A r-r ., {. I C A tI r ARC} #=' Fefile- <br /> Ac,ige_SE_Eitc_A___QEJ2413e12-711) <br /> f�—c / `'I L K_ FF i d I s ataairLy itigy I J G PL <br /> A►1rr4 Fad E 44,2ui, EAv&v pito 7D bscreee df pBse4a2 Ely., E u r <br /> Rev Ned 2/2 4 2014 <br />